Traversing the Entrepreneur’s Valley of Death with a Business Plan

The business plan is a bridge that extends from initial startup to plans for long range success. That bridge crosses a wide canyon that includes seed money, angel investors and eventually venture capitalism and commercial funds. The first round of funding by angel investors is enough to get the business established and generating income through modest growth, but at some point for successful businesses the funding chasm becomes wide and deep. This Valley of Death, as the $2 million to $5 million is not so affectionately called,  can kill young businesses if it’s not traversed with injections of new venture capital investment money. On the other side of the valley can be found business loans from traditional lenders meaning the company is now poised for unlimited growth.

There’s a lot of debate on whether this valley really exists. Many business analysts believe there is always money for market worthy companies that need cash. This is based on the assumption that inefficient companies or companies with products that don’t succeed in the marketplace will drop out of the running for funding. That leaves the companies with competitive products and services looking for funding. Angel investors play an important role in this process because they fund companies with the well designed business models and that are most likely to succeed over the long run based on their analysis. The poorly prepared business plan and angel investors act like culling tools and force bad ideas out of the funding process early in the process.

Crossing the Valley of Death will take a concerted effort to find multiple sources of funding in many cases. For example, young entrepreneurs can bridge the gap by vigorously blending venture capital with government tax credits. A fairly new concept is the ‘certified capital company’ in which a state issues tax credits to companies in return for making investments in young businesses ready to cross the Valley of Death. There are a number of new and creative funding concepts being introduced across the nation to stimulate job growth and economic development.

In other words, if you need angel funding or are facing the Valley of Death, rest assured that professionals familiar with the funding environment can steer you to funding arrangements you may not even be aware exist. If you see the Valley of Death looming, it only means you have been successful already.

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