Accrue Savings Funded $25M to Expand Retails Partnership Globally


Based in New York City, Accrue Savings is also the developer of an online savings application developed to help customers plan for future purchases. The company’s application offers merchant embedded online savings account, enabling users to keep track of their savings and plan for their expenses.

Accrue Savings was funded $25 million Series A led by Tiger Global. Participation also from Aglaé Ventures, existing investors Twelve Below, Red Sea Ventures, Ground Up Ventures, Good Friends, and a group of individual angel investors, including UPS CEO Carol Tomé, Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin.

The company plans to expand retail partnerships and add employees from new funding received across all departments, including engineering, sales, and marketing.

Accrue Savings, established in June 2021 by CEO Michael Hershfield, aspires to get people saving again with its merchant-embedded shopping experience that rewards consumers for saving up for the things they want to buy.

Partner Brands with Accrue Savings are witnessing an immediate impact on their top-of-funnel marketing actions. With Accrue Savings, retailers can contend with customers earlier in the deliberation stage by offering a savings-based purchase procedure on their website and in targeted email or SMS campaigns. In addition, partner retailers lessen friction points between consumers and their purchases by alleviating shopper concerns about debt-based payment plans.

Because saving can take time, Hershfield felt it was too early to disclose growth metrics but said that the company has racked up a customer list that includes Allbirds, Casper, Poly & Bark, Smile in its short existence Direct Club, and Tire Agent. It initially went live with 15 customers, and he teased that the list expected to double in the coming months.

Hershfield said the reaction from retailers and consumers since launch had exceeded their expectations. They’re please to find so many brands that want to offer meaningful payment diversity options for consumers. In addition, an institutional investor like the venerable Tiger Global demonstrates the powerful possibility to embed more diverse financial technology to change the shopping experience for a broader range of customers.

Alex Cook, Partner, Tiger Global comment, that Accrue Savings helps brands reach more customers and gives consumers a responsible purchasing option. It’s a win-win. Accrue Savings team is building a unique platform, and they’re thrill to partner with them on the next stage of the journey.

By: K. Tagura

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Zuddl Funded $13.35M to be Dominant Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference

Zuddl is a startup company based in Boston, MA, and Bengaluru, India. This company is also the developer of a cloud-based virtual conference management software designed for an online conferencing service. The company’s software offers conference hosting, conference creation, attendee networking, discussion tables, polls, virtual event lobby, attendee engagement, customer sponsored tables, switches tables, and event management, enabling large organizations to create conferences online that can go live in minutes.

Zuddl was funded $13.35 million, led by Alpha Wave and Qualcomm Ventures, and backed by GrowX Ventures, Waveform Ventures, and a few angel investors. The new investment will accelerate product development, scale globally, focus on the US market, and deepen its tech team.

Bharath Varma and Vedha Sayyaparaju founded Zuddl in May 2020. Zuddl has increased by over 30x since its inception. Today, it has a desirable list of clients, including Fortune 100 and other fast-growing companies such as Kellogg’s, Microsoft, Dicks Sporting Goods, Grant Thornton, and NASSCOM.

This allows companies to create the virtual venue as they see fit, with customizable backgrounds/clickable hot zones to give the interface some show of a physical place. They provide many templates, but companies are free to make it look like a conference center, concert hall, or their actual office upload your images accordingly.

Behind the scenes, they’re also doing quite a lot to simplify the complexities of hosting live locations. Each location’s host invites their guests to go backstage where they’re able to chat privately, do A/V tests, etc., all right through the browser. They can quickly turn guests to the audience-facing stage or pull them back off stage if their internet tanks or their mic begins cutting out. There’s a dedicated chat room just for backstage hosts to communicate with onstage speakers, so you don’t have to try to pack a Slack window onto your screen between everything else. Zuddl can also handle recording sessions, stage timers, and ticketing system integration.

Manu Rikhye, the Partner in GrowX Venture, said they are excited about the strong vision, expertise, and speed of execution of Zuddl’s team. Their in-depth understanding of the needs of event organizers, speakers, sponsors, and attendees, coupled with their product first thinking, has made Zuddl’s offering stand out in a highly crowded space.

As simple as virtual events might look, there’s often a lot of complex machinery behind the curtain. It all works. It has been to a lot of these things. Zuddl seems to do an excellent job of boiling many of the pain points away at a cursory glance.

By: K. Tagura

Author statement: is the leading platform for accredited investors network worldwide. We monitor and provide updates on important funding events. Angel Investors and Venture Funding can be a key growth for a startup or existing business. Whether it is a first, second or third round financing having a strategic alliance with an Angel Investor or Venture Capital financing can propel a business to the next level and give the competitive edge.

How To Keep Cash Flow Positive As A Business Startup

cash flow

One of the biggest challenges for any business startup is the ability to have positive cash flow at all times throughout the year. When times get lean,and profits go down, you can feel a pinch in your working capital and need a way to build these monetary reserves back up to their peak. The reverse holds true when profits are soaring and you are making bank – you feel the beneficial weight of some added funds sitting in your cash flow reserves ready to be spent. But, you need to even out this cyclical trend with a positive cash flow all year-round. Here are some ways you can keep your working capital positive throughout your sales cycle.

Prevent Overspending

One of the easiest ways to get your cash flow in check is to stop overspending when the need is really not there. It can be tempting to buy the latest and greatest of everything for your business,but if tomorrow’s sales take a dip, you will find your reserves a little slimmer than normal. Spend cautiously on what you need for your business startup to survive each day. This can help you have the cash you need when an issue arises without having to struggle to come up with the funding.

Stay On Top Of Invoicing

Getting paid for the work you have completed is an arduous task for any startup. It is no fun chasing down late payments, but it is your responsibility as a business startup owner to make sure your invoicing goes out on time and gets paid. Getting your invoicing in order can make sure you have a steady flow of income coming in and can make sure money is left over for positive cash flow at the end of each and every month.

Track Daily-To-Day Costs

Keeping a good record of your costs all throughout the year can help you better identify where you are overspending. You may need to reign in your expenses, but without tracking them, you have no way of knowing where your cash flow is going each day. Keep a record of all the expenses you make every single day and review them to see where you can cut back. You may be making unnecessary purchases that are costing are adding up and affecting your working capital.

Keep A Cushion

If you know your business startup struggles from time-to-time with its working capital, you can plan for these times by setting aside a cushion of funds that you can rely on when you need it. This can make your slower months easier to bear and provide you a solid reserve that you can count on when an emergency arises. It can give you some added security that you have the funds when profits dip and keep you in the black all throughout the year.

Estimate Future Earning Conservatively

When you look ahead, it can be easy to overestimate what your earning will be the following year. You may anticipate sales that don’t come to fruition or unexpected circumstances could take hold. To keep your cash flow positive, be realistic in your future earnings and plan for the unexpected, so you don’t wind up in a situation where your working capital vanishes without warning.

Increase Sales

While it goes without saying that increasing your sales can help grow your cash flow, but this is one area that business startups can lag in. Think about the ways that you can add value to your offerings and entice customers to buy more than ever before. Bundles and add-ons are simple ways to get a customer to spend more with you and help increase your sales in any given month. You need to consider all the ways that you can get each transaction to its maximum value so you can have that extra working capital after your receivables, payroll, and expenses have been paid.

Secure A Short-Term Investor

Short-term angel investors are a sure-fire way to jump start your business startup and get the funding you need to help with your cash flow problems. They can help provide funding when times are tough and allow you to breathe a little easier with their financial support. A short-term angel investor can provide you money to grow your business while still maintain the day-to-day flow. Paid back over a shorter amount of time, these seed investors help to give you more flexibility and provide an alternative means of securing funding for your business startup.

Create Loyal Customers

Turning your customers into to loyal fans that frequent your business on a regular basis can help you grow sales and increase your profits all throughout the year. These repeat customers can give you business start up the boost it needs while also helping your working capital to balloon with each purchase. When you can count on a customer to return to your business, not only does it ensure another sale but it makes it easier to project future sales and keep your cash flow from dipping into the red.

Keep Inventory Lean

Making sure that you don’t overstock your inventory can also prevent a negative cash flow for your startup business. Practice being lean and only have the inventory you need at any given time. This can make a difference in your business’ bottom line and improve your cash flow situation. Having product and materials on hand may be nice,but it can affect your ability to have the cash reserves when you need it most. Keeping inventory to a minimum takes a special knack, but you will find that your operations are just as efficient and you are not waiting months to sell your backlog, affecting your monthly working capital.

Taking stock of your cash flow on a daily basis can make sure it is positively flowing each and every month. These simple tips can help you stay in the black and make your working capital less of a worry for your business startup. Planning  ahead, staying lean, and growing your sales will ensure you have the cash reserves you need to keep your business startup afloat year-round.

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Understanding Venture Capitalists: How to Get Their Attention… And Approval

venture capitalists

It might be surprising, but a lot of venture capitalists understand the situation of would-be entrepreneurs who are looking for investors who will finance their startups. The reason for this is simple: these people who now have millions of venture capital funds stashed in banks also started as a small company owner who experienced the challenges of looking for someone who is interested in providing financial support.

They might have followed the traditional venture capitalist model, or used personal means – such as credit cards and personal guarantees – to raise significant amount of money. But one thing is clear – most venture capitalists understand the position of startup owners. And this shows their true nature when it comes to dealing with these kinds of partnerships.

Unlike the common conception that they are all too powerful and very difficult to please, venture capitalists are also human. And because most of them have experienced and succeeded in this industry, the requirements that they ask from startup owners should be seen as reasonable and realistic. Here are some of the traits that startup owners applying for financial support should have:

Passion – Those who are passionate, enthusiastic, and confident with their startups usually get not only the attention, but also the approval of investors.

Intelligence – Knowledgeable would-be entrepreneurs always have the advantage. Venture capitalists think that intelligence is tied with the success of the company.

Defensibility – Having a great concept is one thing, but being able to defend it at different levels is another. Most of the time, investors will point problems on the concept submitted by the startup owner. He or she must be able to defend the idea and convince venture capitalists that the problems can be resolved.

Contrarianism – Investors are waiting for the next big thing. Thus, unique ideas that have huge potential almost always get the nod of venture capitalists. After all, nobody wants another social networking site, not if we already have Facebook. We want something new.

Perseverance and Persistence – Startup owners who exhibit determination on their ideas always get the attention of investors. Consistent follow-ups and immediate response to queries sent by the potential investors show how important the deal is for the entrepreneur.

Humility – Despite the need for passion and determination, startup owners also need to have an ounce of humility. One must keep in mind that even the best actors or athletes have to follow the orders of their directors and coaches, respectively.

Aside from the traits enumerated above, would-be entrepreneurs should also understand what goes in the mind of venture capitalists. Usually, it only involves two things: fear and greed.

As noted earlier, investors want to put money on proposal that will be as big as Facebook. Because of this, they are afraid of letting a potential project go (fear). Also, venture capitalists look at the things that they will get once they finance a startup. This includes profit, recognition, and a powerful position within the company, among other benefits (greed).

In the end, it all comes down to these two. And startup owners might want to use these to their advantage. Of course it would not be easy. Venture capitalists are experienced people who will know if they are being manipulated. But having the knowledge of what they want is something that could spell the difference between failure and success.

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Voyant Photonics Funded $15.4M for Development Kits Production in LiDARs 3D Sensing Chip


Voyant Photonics based Long Island City, N.Y. This company manufacturer of light detection and ranging (LIDAR) is a chip intends to perform three-dimensional sensing and estimate range, velocity, and reflectivity. The company’s chips use patented nano-optic approaches to provide a range of imaging sensors for various applications, including freed vehicles, drones, robotics, and factory automation. In addition, they allow businesses to increase safety by providing systems to respond in real-time to changes in the surrounding environment.

Voyant Photonics was funded $15.4 million, led by UP Partners with earlier angel investors, Contour Ventures, and LDV Capital. The startup company plans to use the capital to move toward production by putting its development kits in the hands of partners.

Voyant’s LiDAR system, including thousands of optical parts fabricated on a single semiconductor chip, enables its customers to integrate a functional and exponentially more scalable LiDAR system than possible to date. As a result, LiDAR is a crucial technology to help 3D vision across numerous endeavors, including conveyance, robotics, industrialization, and customer electronics. Voyant developer kits are now public for select customers on its waiting list.

CEO Peter Stern entered the company just as the pandemic started. First, they examined a way to turn a good prototype developed by co-founders Chris Phare and Steven Miller into a working and marketable product. Then, after going back to basics, they ended up with a photonics-based frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) system (go with it for now) that could be manufactured at existing commercial fabs.

Voyant Photonics’ devices demonstrate a complete LiDAR system in a field-deployable package, using Voyant’s patented techniques for on-chip digital beam steering, optical signal processing, and laser control.

Stern said they’d be making about 200 units for partners in 2022 and will start taking retail orders in 2023. Of course, by that time, the automotive world may have taken note. Still, if Voyant’s strategy succeeds, it will have slipped a good piece of the industrial market out of reach of companies making more significant, more expensive units.

By: K. Tagura

Author statement: is the leading platform for accredited investors network worldwide. We monitor and provide updates on important funding events. Angel Investors and Venture Funding can be a key growth for a startup or existing business. Whether it is a first, second or third round financing having a strategic alliance with an Angel Investor or Venture Capital financing can propel a business to the next level and give the competitive edge.

10 Most Profitable Small Businesses that are Worthy of Your Investment


Starting up a business is a challenge. Whether it is small or big, you need to follow a series of steps along with different strategies to make it a profitable venture. To make a business worthy of your investment, it is necessary to perform thorough research on each aspect such as a business idea, market, competitors, and finances etc.

Once you find the best idea, your next step should be based on logistics of your business along with a well-crafted plan. These steps are fundamental and crucial. This way, you will create a strong base for your business as well.

So, if you are looking for a small startup that is worthy of your investment, have a look at these 10 fantastic business ideas.

1.    Real Estate Broker

Working as an intermediary between sellers and buyers, real estate brokerage is one the most profitable businesses. You will only require a brokerage license. This is also a cost-effective business idea, which means you can run it without an office as well.

However, you need to know the industry and your competitors before beginning and then you are good to go. Plus, real estate brokering is all about contacts; make sure lots of people know about your business so you can achieve your milestones.

2.    Catering Service

Catering is ideal if you are looking for a small but profitable business as you can provide these services from your home. Many people and even businesses do not think twice to pay high-quality caters. With reliable catering services, you are sure to make a handsome profit, especially on different special occasions.

If you are a hard worker and determined to build a successful small business, catering seems a decent business idea.

3.    Online Tutor

Online tutoring involves creating professional social media profiles and letting people know about your skills. Whether you love to play musical instruments or know different languages, you can teach anything online and become an online tutor.

Online tutoring neither requires extra expenses nor time. So, you can consider it if you can speak fluent French or play different piano tunes.

4.    Food Truck

Food always stays in demand and attracts people. Therefore, you can never go wrong with a food truck, especially if you provide high-quality food and beverages. Take note that opening a small restaurant requires a considerable amount of money.

Plus, there is a risk of loss because of intense competition in the food industry. In this case, a food truck seems an interesting idea. You do not need space or extra staff which makes it a profitable small startup venture.

5.    Personal Trainer

People who love to stay fit and healthy never mind paying their personal fitness trainer. Also, getting certification in personal training is affordable as well. Thus, you can get the required qualification and start offering personal training services.

This is one of the small businesses that are worthy of your investment as in current times people know the significance of a healthy lifestyle. Since this industry is competitive, you should use the internet to market your services and to build your client network.

6.    Web Designing

Technology companies are always looking for web designers who can make top-notch websites. Web designing entails developing value-driven, intuitive and beautiful websites.

If you have got an eye for website designing, you can offer these services to various companies and brands and start your web designing business. If you are new to this field, you can even learn the basics of website crafting and become a pro. Moreover, there are many online courses available that can teach the latest website trends as well.

7.    Social Media Marketer

Social media platforms have become a part of our daily life. Not only this, many people are running their businesses online on these platforms. You can start marketing on your social media profiles as well. For instance, you can use your Instagram account for marketing purposes.

All you need to do is decide the type of content you are willing to share such as technology, beauty, or health etc. and build up a considerable following on your account. Brands often look for social media accounts with a huge following to market their products. If your content is related to their business, they are likely to approach you.

8.    Local Business Consultant

New startups are always in demand of consultants who can solve problems related to their business and provide solid advice. Therefore, if you have developed the right skills or are a pro in your industry, you can become a consultant.

Whether you are a business strategist, marketer, or have other skills, feel free to offer your services to local businesses. Plus, you can take help from online courses on how to get clients and build your brand that is worth your investment.

9.    Travel Consultant

You can turn your love for traveling into a profitable small business. You can begin by creating official groups on Facebook or LinkedIn. This is an effective way to attract travel enthusiasts. In the group, you can share cheap flight rates and even recommendations for next traveling destinations.

Travelers are always in search of different recommendations to explore different places. In this case, they can count on you and you can teach them how to turn their dream trip into a reality.

10.    Become a Photographer

Turning your skills into a small profitable business is easy if you have a passion for photography and you own a camera. All you need to do is learn top-notch editing skills which are crucial in this industry along with finding a suitable niche, such as food photography or travel photography etc.

To build an impressive online portfolio, you should do photo-shoots frequently so people will know about your skills. For this, you should not hesitate to capture a few photographs for free. With a professional portfolio, you are likely to get clients in a short time.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of ideas that are worthy of your investment. However, the competition in different industries can give you a tough time. You can overcome this part if you focus on the quality of your services.

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X-Therma Funded $13M to Scale Commercialization Biopreservation Technology Globally


X-Therma is a startup company based in Richmond, California. This company is a developer of a convergent biopreservation technology intended to advance regenerative medicine. It uses cold chain technology for safe and on-demand ice preservation of organs, engineered tissues, and cells, enabling patients with gene therapies.

X-Therma was funded a $13 million Series A funding round. The financing led by LOREA AG, with participation from Graphene Ventures, Zen11 Holdings, Catalytic Impact Foundation, 2b AHEAD Ventures, VU Venture Partners, Methuselah Foundation, along with notable return angel investors.

The new funding is planning to scale the commercialization of XT-Thrive® to meet customer demand for cGMP-grade cell preservation products and expand its multi-disciplinary team, filling positions remotely (both nationally and internationally).

X-Therma’s technology, a nontoxic biopreservation platform helped by biomimetic peptoids. It is transforming global accessibility to organ transplantation and allowing “off-the-shelf” cell and gene therapy products and engineered tissues providing safe & effective chemically defined cryopreservation that is DMSO-, serum-, and protein-free.

Smaller than 10% of the worldwide demand for transplantable organs being met. Unfortunately, despite numerous improvements in surgical procedures and immunosuppression, innovations to expand the time window for secure and steadfast organ preservation have, currently, fallen short. X-Therma’s turn-key resolution XT-ViVo® and TimeSeal® in organ preservation terminate this time control blockage without changing transplant workflow.

Most organs transported in a cooler loaded with ice at 4°C. This procedure provides minimal time to deliver organs to patients before they perish or to provide accurate matching. The chemistry encodes specific protein-like functions into a synthetic molecule to shape ice crystals and prevent further growth into a detrimental size. This medicine fundamentally allows them to safely store organs at sub-zero temperature, enhancing transplantation from organ accessibility and quality stands with extended time.           

Nowadays, numerous regenerative medicine companies suffer substantial logistical hindrances to rise up and from the proteomic and epigenetic transformations induced by DMSO, reducing therapy efficacy. In addition, Cryopreservatives used today are toxic to cells, leading to cell damage, reduced product yields, and inefficiencies in production.

X-Therma’s flagship product XT-Thrive®, a DMSO-, Serum-, Protein-free and chemically defined cryopreservation solution directly plugs into the current CMC workflow, resolves current bottlenecks in the cell manufacturing process, and enables “off-the-shelf” living medicines, and now is receiving hyper-growth customer demand.

By: K. Tagura

Author statement: is the leading platform for accredited investors network worldwide. We monitor and provide updates on important funding events. Angel Investors and Venture Funding can be a key growth for a startup or existing business. Whether it is a first, second or third round financing having a strategic alliance with an Angel Investor or Venture Capital financing can propel a business to the next level and give the competitive edge.

Qonsent Funded $5M for Data Privacy Development Between Consumers and Brands


Qonsent is based in New York and the first data privacy enablement and consent value exchange platform built for consumers and brands. The company provides a first-of-its-kind consumer wallet that allows direct, consistent engagement with companies, enabling users to have direct access and control of personal data that companies collect and store about them.

Qonsent was funded $5 million. The grant is supported by Gary Vaynerchuk, Zekavat Investment Group, Michael Kassan, Tom Chavez, Crosscut Ventures, Marc DeBevoise, Brand New Matter, Lunch Partners, and other top tier angel investors. The firm plans to use the budget to develop further and scale its data privacy and consent solution.

Qonsent uses an encrypted and auditable ledger-based system to help brands maintain a record of customers’ consent to meet CCPA, GDPR, CPRA compliance requirements, and other applicable privacy laws.

The company created and built by leading media, advertising, entertainment, and technology executives who saw a glaring demand for a solution that would put the authority over personally identifiable information back in charge of the consumers and make first-person consent comfortable. Qonsent gives consumers complete insight into how brands collect, use, and store their data based on transparent significance exchange. The solution also helps brands, advertisers, and publishers retool their approaches, build consumer trust, and deliver a more profitable customer experience. The resolution works wherever brands employ their consumers, including via spread consent UI/UX products merged into existing privacy enablement and commerce technology offerings.

Qonsent Graph is a unique approach to tracking consumer manners that permits brands, marketers, and platforms to understand what experiences, proposals, and value exchanges will enable a two-way dialogue to rebuild brand transparency and customer trust. This offering will be the latest solution for consumer marketing to replace obsolete and now illegal procedures such as data scraping and universal cookies. Instead, the Qonsent Graph will supply granular understandings in a compliant manner forging a new era of trust and connection with loyal consumers.

Qonsent claims it provides consumers with real-time, comprehensive insight into how brands collect, use, and store their personal information based on transparent value dealings.

By: K. Tagura

Author statement: is the leading platform for accredited investors network worldwide. We monitor and provide updates on important funding events. Angel Investors and Venture Funding can be a key growth for a startup or existing business. Whether it is a first, second or third round financing having a strategic alliance with an Angel Investor or Venture Capital financing can propel a business to the next level and give the competitive edge.

Unique Ways to Funding Your Small Business


If you’re a startup, there is nothing surprising in facing teething troubles.  But none of these challenges or troubles is as big or critical as funding your business. That means finding investment to get your business off the ground is, without a doubt a daunting task.  From production space, buying goods to renting office, and hiring staff, turning a simple idea into a business practically requires funds and money.

Unless you are wealthy enough to finance your business or your benevolent relative has left you a lot of money, you probably have to find ways to fund your business.  Luckily, there are some smart ways you can resolve this problem. Here are some of those unique ways to help you fund your business.

How Can You Fund Your Small Business?

1.     Crowdfunding

One of the easiest way to find your business enough funds is crowdfunding- which is a practice of raising funds from different forums or people.  It is an alternative finance and a kind of crowd sourcing.   Luckily, there are plenty of crowdfunding options available for you right on the internet.

When asking for investment funds for your businesses from a variety of investors, it is highly recommended to come up with an impressive pitch. The success of your crowdfunding campaign depends more on how you pitch the idea than it does on the idea itself. Of course, you need a team with you to plan out your crowdfunding campaign.

A common reason why startups choose this method of funding is because of the flexibility of options. Venture capitals are known for being strict with their investments. They will demand more equity in your business than you will ever have to offer through a crowdfunding model. They usually focus more on their returns than the success of the startup. The situation is quite the opposite when you go with the crowdfunding option.

2.     Angel Investors

Angel Investors is no doubt one of the unique funding options among all as they are always looking for innovative ideas to invest in the business. Originally business giants like Yahoo and Google were also used this funding option. It is worth noting that taking funds from Angel Investors requires entrepreneurs to give them some equity share in the company.

3.     Small Business Loans (SBA)

This funding option is a result of the U.S government’s interest in rampant growth of the small business industry.  The s Small Business Administration, in this regard, offers a wide range of loan types and business investments to help business owners get started.  Exploring the SBA loan options is a great way to kick start your business, if intend to run an educational institute or non-profits set-up.   For easy funding, you might want to request for SBA grants.

4.      Venture Capitalists

Much like angel investors, the funding option invest money in up-and-coming- businesses that have high potential to not only grow but also monetary returns.  In addition to that, Venture Capitalist looks for equity share in the business it invests money in. The investors are also interested in getting a right in company’s directorial decisions.  In short, VCs make money through their investments and consider having some control or authority in the business is the best way to do that.  It is always better to investigate this funding option thoroughly before opting it.

5.     Microloans

 Reserved specifically for small non-profit businesses, finance institutions grant microloans to entrepreneurs who don’t qualify for a bank loans. Microloan organizations, instead of giving donations to the non-profit companies allow entrepreneurs to invest in various economic opportunities.  Microloans are also a popular financing option in developing nations.

6.     Personal Financing

There is no denying that investing in a startup entails a lot of risks and these risks are what prevent traditional lenders from giving loans to business owners. This becomes even more skeptical if business owner doesn’t invest his/her own money in the startup.

7.     Purchase Order Financing         

 There is an array of factors that affect the cash flows of any business. These factors may include supply and demand and seasonality.  For examples, sometimes a company is unable to complete the orders due to fewer funds to buys inventory and material to make the products.

In situations like these, purchase order financing can be the panacea to the problems. It helps companies extend advance to purchase material they need to make products. Purchase order financing collect back money when products are sold.  If your business deals in manufactured goods, it stands a chance to makes 20% more on its sales by opting purchase order financing.

8.     Vendor Financing

If your bill payment record is contingent on your product selling record, you may take the benefits by negotiating longer payment terms with the vendors.  Vendors, typically require payments on invoices within thirty days before imposing penalties and late fees.  Negotiating longer payment terms will allow you work with more cash in the interim.

This is even more important if your business has a longer sales cycle than thirty days. That means if sales cycle takes  forty to forty-five days from  purchasing to selling goods, you will not be able to make invoices payment within a  month.  In that case, you need negotiations to avail vendor financing to benefit your sales cycle.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, investments and business funding are of paramount importance no matter what industry you want to get into. If you lack sufficient finances, it is important to weigh all options you can choose to give a kick start your business.  Given that, the mentioned funding options are great to consider if they suit your requirements.

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Chainguard Funded $5M to Lead Security Solutions to Market


Chainguard is a San Francisco, CA-based startup company and developer of supply chain security software designed to help organizations manage their open-source and overall software supply security risk.

Chainguard, Inc. was funded $5 million led by Amplify Partners and a few angel investors, including Eric Brewer, VP at Google. Maya Kaczorowski, former CTO at CoreOS; Stephen Augustus, Head of Open Source at Cisco; Joe Duffy, Product at Tailscale; Brandon Phillips, CEO of Pulumi; Solomon Boulos, former Google exec and founder of Google’s OCTO, and Gordon Chaffee, former Google executives.

The business plans to employ the funds to expand operations and bring its solutions to the market.

Matt Moore, Scott Nichols,Dan Lorenc, Ville Aikas, and Kim Lewandowski are five open-source veterans. The team performed together at Google on many of the foundational container projects.

The team considers that the resolution to ensuring software supply chains must be rooted in open source, standards, and communities. The software that companies ship is increasingly overpowered by the open-source libraries, frameworks, and runtimes they consume.

The industry has been hit hard with the wrath of software supply chain attacks over the past few years, especially attacks targeting open-source software.

Chainguard is tackling this challenge head-on, one of the most significant problem areas of the decade. Almost every piece of software has dependencies, often other open-source libraries that the project is built on. As a result, attackers have been injecting malicious code into dependencies of joint open-source projects. These attacks are brutal to recognize because they aren’t always chosen up by traditional scanning, and more so, the dependencies can suddenly change at any time. Chainguard plans to give companies confidence in the software they’re relying on and have the necessary data and tools to understand their risks and mitigate potential threats.

They believe that commented by Lenny Pruss, General Partner at Amplify will solve this massive, multi-stakeholder problem with open tools and open standards. Sigstore has emerged, in their minds, as the project to take on this challenge.

By: K. Tagura

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