Bluedot Funded $9.1M for Expanding Location Technology

Location Technology

Bluedot based San Francisco, CA. A location technology company has a mission to unlock the power of place by helping businesses leverage location to build meaningful interactions and frictionless experiences for consumers on the go. This company continues to grow as consumers demand and expect businesses to deliver timely, convenient, and contactless services.

Bluedot has funded $9.1 million in Series B funding led by Autotech Ventures, including support by existing investor Transurban and fresh investors Forefront Ventures, IAG Firemark Ventures, and Mighty Capital.

The new funding is for expanding their technology to power more impactful experiences for consumers’ on the go. Led by Emil Davityan, CEO, Bluedot provides established location services technology that allows brands. Focusing on driving communications in prompt service and fast-casual restaurants, retail, and transportation industries to give customers value leveraging location insights toward mobile apps at the right instants.

The company also announced the launch of Tempo, a predictive time-based arrival technology that will allow businesses to receive real-time alerts to know when a consumer is approaching. That sounds particularly useful during a pandemic when enterprises are more interacting with customers via curbside pickup and drive-thru.

Based on Emil Davityan, CEO of Bluedot. Mobile location data is essential, but also changing and continually evolving. As enterprises strive to achieve improved, brand-owned experiences, location is the catalyst. They power the bespoke on-the-go customer experiences, privacy and security have always been top of mind – and that is not changing. Enterprises entrust them with their first-party customer data to deliver robust, valuable interactions. They do not sell or share location data.

They are proud to have global brands as Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s, and Transurban entrust them with their first-party customer data. 

By: K.Tagura

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What Are the Necessary Means to Improve Your Business

ImproveEntrepreneurs are not born; they learn things by experiencing ups and downs in a business. To make consistent improvement to improve your business status is critical to maintaining sustainability. Successful entrepreneurs perpetually monitor their business process in order to identify loopholes.  Monitoring your business cash flow and identifying your strengths and weaknesses is a key process that helps you improve your business.

Apart from this, there are several things you can do to keep the risk minimum while enjoying a double-digit growth every year.

Here we have included an overview of some necessary means you can use to improve your business growth

Ways to Improve your Business

1.     Assess Your Business Situation

As mentioned earlier, monitoring the progress of your business is a key to bring improvement.  This is where you identify the areas that need change. However, before you make the changes, it is ideal to ensure that you are aware of the factors that are affecting the success of your business.

These factors may include emerging market trends, your current business strategies, weak market strategies or even lack of competent staff. Fortunately, there are a number of tools you can use to assess your business status. Following tools can help you:

SWOT Analysis:

It is an effective tool that is designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Not only does it help you assess the strong areas of your business operations, but also threats and opportunities. You can work out all internal as well as external factors that keep your business from growing.

SWOT is one of the widely used analytical tools to help you in the decision-making process.


  • Builds on strengths
  • Minimizes weaknesses
  • Seizes opportunities
  • Counteracts threats

Market research

It is another important tool to investigate the business market to help entrepreneurs identify emerging trends, new technologies, and customer demands

Trend   Analysis

The tool uses your business data for the last five years to identify and assess consistent trends.


It is a smart tool that is used to measure business performances with the same size of business being operated in the industry.

2.     Business Goals

Whether it is business or your life, without goals it is completely directionless. Business goals keep you focused and energetic, which makes your business successful. You can use these objectives as a part of your ongoing business plan to make sure you keep moving forward.

However, there are certain criteria that need to be considered while setting these goals. Your goals have to be SMART- specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely. That means they have to be practical to be achieved within a set timeline. It would be better to prioritize your business goals or to write them down on paper.

You can plan short or long -term strategies to accomplish them. It will help you determine the time, finances and resources.

3.     Develop a Strategic Plan

There is no doubt that businesses whether small or big, take time to progress. That is why it is important to create a smart strategic plan that has an outlook of at least 3 to 4 years. The plan should be made keeping the business goals ahead.

Make sure each year defines your business goals plus how your team will achieve those goals over the estimated time. Besides this, it is important to prepare a financial plan to meet the growing needs of your business.

That means the business strategy will not only define how your business will make profits, but also where and how much you will invest.

According to expert entrepreneurs, it is always beneficial to review your business strategic plans. It helps you match the set goals with the profit your business has produced.

4.      Be Passionate About Meeting the Goals

This might seem a no-brainer or something trivial, but it can make a huge difference when it comes to accomplishing your business goals. When you are passionate about your work, your colleagues and employees can feel this energy as well.

In other words, showing enthusiasm and excitement cannot be underestimated as it plays a critical role to make your team more hardworking, and focused toward their work productivity. The passion and enthusiasm translate to a better outcome.

Unhappy workers, on the other hand, pass through negative energy and make work more challenging.

5.     Implement Strategies

You cannot achieve business goals unless you implement the changes. Once you have made the strategic plan and estimated finances, it is the time to implement strategies. The implementation process includes several tasks and actions.

It is always a good idea to device an action plan, divides the workload, and tasks accordingly.  Following are some of the important points to help you implement the changes for business improvement.

  • Time Frame: Determine how long a specific task will take to complete. Set tentative dates for the task.
  • Actions: Divide the tasks among those employees that you think are the most appropriate to accomplish them. State actions to be taken precisely.
  • Responsibilities: Assign responsibilities; make sure your teams get the work done in time
  • Resources: Compile a list of supplies, budget, and other finances
  • Outcomes: State your desired outcomes and how the results will be evaluated

6.     Evaluate Success

You need to establish some measures to evaluate whether you have achieved your business goal or not.   These assessment measures depend on the type of tasks you are working on. If your business goals are significant, the measurement process will be more complex, such as measuring profits by a set percentage.

Along with these measures, you can set percentages for each task. It will help you evaluate the success statistically.  Plus, you need to consider how frequently you wish to measure your business achievements. It is very helpful when it is about setting new goals.

Final Thoughts

Your business does not only need your time, but also smart strategies and an effective action plan to improve revenues and profits. The above-mentioned tips are necessary means all entrepreneurs must adopt to sustain a prosperous business.


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Accelerate the Digital Health Development BrightInsight Funded $40 Million

Digital Health

San Jose, California based BrightInsight Inc., the leading global digital health platform for biopharma and MedTech. Has been funded $40 million in its latest round of financing. Series funding led by Insight Partners with existing investors, New Leaf Venture Partners, and Eclipse Ventures.

Since launching the BrightInsight Platform in 2018, it has fast established itself as the de facto underlying digital health foundation for the world’s top biopharma and MedTech companies.

BrightInsight plans to apply the funds raised to significantly scale up team growth and general availability for its platform. Projected growth involves a new regional customer delivery center into European and Asian markets.

The funding will also enable its analytics functionalities to invest more, allow its customers to drive more valuable insights faster, and begin new pre-built software assets to improve and accelerate their digital clinical trials.

As an outcome of the venture, Peter Sobiloff, a managing director at Insight Partners, will take a seat on its directors.

Based on a statement of Sobiloff, BrightInsight has emerged as the precise technology and execution leader in a market. That is overgrowing, and its expanding list of company customers verifies biopharma and MedTech companies’ need for a standardized underlying platform to promote their new digital health offerings.

They are excited to work closely with the BrightInsight team as they enter this exciting phase of growth and push the enterprise towards more personalized and enhanced care.

The funding for BrightInsight comes as digital therapeutics, and related medical devices are becoming more relevant to patients in a world where telemedicine has become a necessity. Healthcare providers around the globe are turning to digital tools to comply with social distancing guidelines executed to halt the spread of COVID-19. Furthermore, the expanse of this kind of technology is expected to grow geometrically in the near feature.

In this latest world of healthcare, services that help companies adhere to regulatory guidelines and provide windows into how patients are using these tools become infinitely valuable.

By: K. Tagura

Author Statement: is the leading platform for accredited investors network worldwide. We monitor and provide updates on important funding events. Angel Investors and Venture Funding can be a key growth for a startup or existing business. Whether it is a first, second or third round financing having a strategic alliance with an Angel Investor or Venture Capital financing can propel a business to the next level and give the competitive edge.

Enhancement Sales Platform Outreach Funded $50M

Sales Platform

Customer relationship management software has shifted a deciding piece of IT when it comes to making business done, and today a startup focusing on one particular aspect of that stack sales automation.

Seattle, Washington-based Outreach, one of the largest sales engagement platform providers, was funded $50 million in a Series Sands Capital led f round in financing with participation from Salesforce Ventures. Also, new investor Operator Collective will be participating in surviving investors, which include Spark Capital, Meritech Capital Partners, Trinity Ventures, Mayfield, Sapphire Ventures, and Lone Pine Capital.

Outreach will use the funding to proceed in delivering new revolutionary technologies like Outreach Kaia, the new Knowledge AI Assistant. It is also moving ahead with its expansion plans and investing in new markets. Outreach’s finances will help not only transform sales engagement but revolutionize the entire customer lifecycle for go-to-market teams.

The platform today essentially integrates with a company’s existing CRM, be it Salesforce, or Microsoft’s, or something else. It provides a SaaS-based set of tools for helping to source and track meetings, has to-hand information on sales targets, and a communications manager that allows for outreach calls and other communication in real-time.

Outreach intends to address these difficulties in part through AI-enabled solutions. First up is Kaia, a voice-powered knowledge assistant programmed to launch in beta that brings together intelligent sales enablement and automation elements.  Kaia integrates with Zoom and supports video recording with real-time screen sharing, call recording, and transcription. Moreover, it lets sales reps review calls for training and coaching, and it provides flashcards that highlight information on topics like product specifications, competitor comparisons, and stakeholder knowledge.

Outreach has a growth rate over the past year, increasing its employee count to almost 600 employees, extending to new locations in the U.S. and U.K., as well as hosting the most significant virtual sales conference in North America with more than 14,000 registrants.

By: K. Tagura

Author Statement: is the leading platform for accredited investors network worldwide. We monitor and provide updates on important funding events. Angel Investors and Venture Funding can be a key growth for a startup or existing business. Whether it is a first, second or third round financing having a strategic alliance with an Angel Investor or Venture Capital financing can propel a business to the next level and give the competitive edge.

5 Outside The Box Ideas For Marketing Your Small Business



If you think you cannot market a product with a small budget, then you are mistaken. To run a successful business, whether it is small or big, you need to implement top-notch marketing strategies. So, it is essential to take the time and plan effective ways to market your product or service. Take note not that every marketing technique requires a hefty budget.

Therefore, you can find budget-friendly ways to target an audience. In the light of this, here are five outside of the box marketing ideas for your small business.

Develop a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are simple. They create interest based on top of a brand’s value. So, if you love buying a particular brand, and if you’re offered something extra, such as 30% on your next purchase, you will most likely take advantage of the opportunity. Hence, announcing 50% flat off, coupons or different consumer-friendly offers can provide the limelight to your business that it needs. Moreover, consumers love going to the same brand if it sells high-quality products. One of the best ways to develop a loyalty program is to provide better quality so that consumers come back for more. As a small business owner, you need to retain existing consumers along with attracting new customers. This step is crucial to growing your small business further. When you reward your existing consumers, they will likely return and purchase more.

Plus, if a customer returns to your store more often, it will increase sales, brand image, and brand loyalty at the same time. Therefore, opt for customer loyalty programs as they work as a marketing tool as well. If your existing and satisfied customers recommend your brand, it will help you reach a wide market, influence your customer base, and of course benefit your startup in an excellent way.

Promote Customer Engagement

Sometimes a simple tactic like talking to your customer casually can feel engaging to them. You might ask; ‘would you like to see more items in this range?’ A positive response to this is an open invitation to talk to them, ask for their feedback, their thoughts, and how you could probably make things better for them. You can also use social media to boost your customer engagement. Social media profiles allow you to interact with a wider audience in a short time.

You can always use social media profiles to ask for suggestion and answer queries using direct messaging. Moreover, asking your customers to review your official page on Facebook is another quick way to give your small business a boost.

Moreover, when launching a product go live on your Instagram and Facebook profiles and keep your audience engaged. When you stay active and interactive on public profiles, it will let people know about your business. Apart from this, using social media in the right way can benefit your business in numerous ways. For instance, you can engage the audience by starting a selfie campaign, which also encourages them to share or post more. You should customize hashtags and encourage the audience to use them in their post along with tagging. This is also an effective way to target a new audience.

Personalized Incentive

Customers love to be treated well, and this is for those customers that have value. For example, one valuable customer might be a regular one at your outlet, and another might buy bulk items from you periodically. Both types of customers could be justified recipients of personalized gifts from your brand. You can add complimentary items or products in their orders. It will show that you value and cherish your regular customers. Moreover, organizing a giveaway is another fun way to treat your consumers, especially if they are outside the country. You can arrange a giveaway in partnership with another small business to reach new people.

Host a Webinar

Hosting a webinar shows your expertise in your niche. Engaging experts in this webinar will show how connected you are. Also, the more people you successfully invite as participants will also demonstrate how much people already follow you and trust your expertise. Moreover, a webinar can do wonders for your business. According to a survey, 58% of marketers prefer to use webinars for promotion. Many successful marketing strategists even think that marketing on a webinar is great to reach a wider audience.

Data from different surveys have revealed that up to 40% people become qualified leads after attending a webinar as it provides the information they need. In fact, webinars retain 30-40% more attention so there is a chance that attendees will make a purchase.

Elevate content distribution        

Content production and distribution go hand-in-hand, and your content is only as good as your distribution mechanism. Leveraging major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube is crucial. This technique is ideal to share valuable, relevant, and constant content on your social media.

It helps in two ways that are significant for any small business. First, it helps attract or target your audience. Second, it will help them turn into potential leads. Make sure your content provides information and resonates with the audience.

You should use blogs and social media posts to distribute your message. Also, the content you share should not be the typical advertisement that forces people to make a purchase. It should speak to them on personal level so they trust you and your brand.

Concluding Lines

Marketing a small business may seem a hassle at the beginning. But, if you opt for outside the box marketing strategies, you will get the desired outcome even on a shoe-string budget. For marketing, you only need to develop and leverage top-notch social media platforms and keep them updated. Other strategies like casual interaction are a smart way to identify your shortcomings and work on them to take your small business a step ahead. If you or are planning to launch a small business, try these ideas and make a difference.

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Postman Funded $150M Secured in Series C Investment


Postman, it is the leading platform for API development in San Francisco. Postman funded $150 million Series C investment, bringing its valuation to $2 billion. The Series C round, led by Insight Partners, is Postman’s most significant funding round to date. Insight Partners joins existing investors CRV and Nexus Venture Partners in this round.

APIs are the primary building sections of all modern connected software. The Postman API Platform helps them accelerate their pace and effectiveness of software development.

Postman is dominant in the shift to an API-first approach. Building APIs at the start of the development cycle and participating between all shareholders like product management, DevOps, and quality engineering.

By Enterprise Strategy Group, companies applying the Postman API Platform display vast improvements to API development, participation, and testing. These improvements include API development that is five times faster, an engagement that is ten times more effective, and the ability to find bugs four times faster.

According to Jeff Horing, the co-founder and managing director of Insight Partners, the significant point that is why they lead the investments is the combination of the market opportunity and the management team. Postman’s proven that, and they show they are ready to become the software industry’s next great success.

Postman has more than 11 million users, and as that number has grown, they have occupied in a remarkable dialogue along the way. Their clients tell them all the concern points in an everyday situation and what is not working.

They are working hard to do right now is new features and improvements because they want to help their clients to build high-quality APIs and, at the same time, realize the promise of faster software development with fewer bugs.

With this new investment, they will accelerate their product development design and engineering around the world.  It will also fund the resources for its community through webinars and by distributing instructional materials.

By: K. Tagura

Author statement: is the leading platform for accredited investors network worldwide. We monitor and provide updates on important funding events. Angel Investors and Venture Funding can be a key growth for a startup or existing business. Whether it is a first, second or third round financing having a strategic alliance with an Angel Investor or Venture Capital financing can propel a business to the next level and give the competitive edge.

Bonusly Startup Funded $9M for Employees Platform


A Boulder, CO-based Bonusly startup launched in 2013, was one of the first companies to operate the shift about real-time, employee-centric recognition, feedback, and people analytics that encourage employees to reward each other.

Bonusly funded $9 million series A financing led by Access Venture Partners, Next Frontier Capital, Operator Partners, and with the participation of existing investor FirstMark Capital.

The investment is the result of the Bonusly team’s hard work and dedication. It also speaks to the tremendous opportunity to empower companies and their employees to be successful as the workplace requires, challenges, and expectations continue to progress.

Bonusly, employees get a monthly allotment of “points” that they can give to each other as a reward for good work. The recipient can then repurchase those points at any time as cash through PayPal or credit at one of the company’s vendor partners like Amazon, Chipotle, or Nike.

According to co-founder and CEO Raphael Crawford-Marks, the idea is to promote a sense of community and increase morale within a company, giving employees a chance to appraise by their heads and coworkers outside of typical methods like performance reviews and paychecks.

The funding will use to continue to grow their team and develop its market-leading recognition and rewards platform. Bonusly is working on additional products and features that we will share with the public soon.

Bonusly is delighted to partner with companies and leaders worldwide to improve communication, collaboration, morale, and team cohesiveness.

By: K. Tagura

Author statement: is the leading platform for accredited investors network worldwide. We monitor and provide updates on important funding events. Angel Investors and Venture Funding can be a key growth for a startup or existing business. Whether it is a first, second or third round financing having a strategic alliance with an Angel Investor or Venture Capital financing can propel a business to the next level and give the competitive edge.

Arterys $28 Million Funded for Clinical Platform

Ecosystem Technology

A global medical imaging platform in San Francisco, CA, the Arterys was funded $28 million in series C funding.

The Benslie Investment Group and Temasek Holdings led series C investment, participated with Fosun, Revelation Partners, Emergent Medical Partners, and Varian Medical Systems.

Arterys is one of the global medical imaging platforms to bring clinical AI products over the internet. Its objective is to convert healthcare by transfiguring radiology. The Arterys platform is 100 percent web-based, AI-powered, and has USA FDA clearance, open simple clinical solutions.

This new round of financing intended to broaden its ecosystem containing a broad set of partners on the new marketplace that utilizes its cloud platform.

A specific focus will be to accelerate partners’ efforts to bring new clinical-grade AI applications to contributors by broadening the Arterys technology platform to application participants to combine AI into their workflows, the company said.

Because they are technology and AI, the current crisis has shown to them necessarily different approaches in providing healthcare are crucial for future access. Arterys dedicated to transforming the way AI combined into the medical workflow, which is long due in the industry.

Arterys acting CEO John Axerio-Cilies said they realized they could not transfigure the healthcare system alone.

Because of the support of other technology and strengths, they build their core products (Arterys Cardio AI and Arterys Lung AI) that are now available to universities and medical innovators companies around the world. They can benefit from regulatory support, channel partnerships, performance, security, and excellent hospital system integrations.

Author statement: is the leading platform for accredited investors network worldwide. We monitor and provide updates on important funding events. Angel Investors and Venture Funding can be a key growth for a startup or existing business. Whether it is a first, second or third round financing having a strategic alliance with an Angel Investor or Venture Capital financing can propel a business to the next level and give the competitive edge.

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Spruce Funded $29M for Real Estate Innovation

Real Estate

A large number of companies have introduced to digitize all aspects of real estate, from estimating valuations to observing operational costs and underwriting mortgages.

Spruce is one of those companies in New York City that has a digitized platform for enabling online real estate transactions.  The company funded Scale Venture Partners led $ 29 million in growth capital with participation from Zigg Capital and Bessemer Venture Partners.

The funding intends to use in the team’s expansion, accelerate the development of its proprietary technology, and deepen integrations with client partners.

Spruce founded back in 2016, led by Patrick Burns, CEO. This company provides a platform for powering online real estate transactions, including handling titles, ensuring all closing docs completed, and monitoring compliance in every geographical jurisdiction they operate.

Since the global pandemic is happening right now, most buyers cannot attend because of social distancing policies. The outcome of this was to scramble the traditional real estate closing, which needs attorneys and other work together to get all documents signed. Spruce and other digitalization startups in the space are composed to transition more of that paperwork onto their platforms as industry participants look for online approaches.

The company presently has operations hubs in New York, Texas, and California. Since its launch, Spruce has grown to service transactions nationwide, from operations hubs in New York, Texas, and California.          

Author statement: is the leading platform for accredited investors network worldwide. We monitor and provide updates on important funding events. Angel Investors and Venture Funding can be a key growth for a startup or existing business. Whether it is a first, second or third round financing having a strategic alliance with an Angel Investor or Venture Capital financing can propel a business to the next level and give the competitive edge.

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10 Most Profitable Small Businesses that are Worthy of Your Investment


Starting up a business is a challenge. Whether it is small or big, you need to follow a series of steps along with different strategies to make it a profitable venture. To make a business worthy of your investment, it is necessary to perform thorough research on each aspect such as a business idea, market, competitors, and finances etc.

Once you find the best idea, your next step should be based on logistics of your business along with a well-crafted plan. These steps are fundamental and crucial. This way, you will create a strong base for your business as well.

So, if you are looking for a small startup that is worthy of your investment, have a look at these 10 fantastic business ideas.

1.    Real Estate Broker

Working as an intermediary between sellers and buyers, real estate brokerage is one the most profitable businesses. You will only require a brokerage license. This is also a cost-effective business idea, which means you can run it without an office as well.

However, you need to know the industry and your competitors before beginning and then you are good to go. Plus, real estate brokering is all about contacts; make sure lots of people know about your business so you can achieve your milestones.

2.    Catering Service

Catering is ideal if you are looking for a small but profitable business as you can provide these services from your home. Many people and even businesses do not think twice to pay high-quality caters. With reliable catering services, you are sure to make a handsome profit, especially on different special occasions.

If you are a hard worker and determined to build a successful small business, catering seems a decent business idea.

3.    Online Tutor

Online tutoring involves creating professional social media profiles and letting people know about your skills. Whether you love to play musical instruments or know different languages, you can teach anything online and become an online tutor.

Online tutoring neither requires extra expenses nor time. So, you can consider it if you can speak fluent French or play different piano tunes.

4.    Food Truck

Food always stays in demand and attracts people. Therefore, you can never go wrong with a food truck, especially if you provide high-quality food and beverages. Take note that opening a small restaurant requires a considerable amount of money.

Plus, there is a risk of loss because of intense competition in the food industry. In this case, a food truck seems an interesting idea. You do not need space or extra staff which makes it a profitable small startup venture.

5.    Personal Trainer

People who love to stay fit and healthy never mind paying their personal fitness trainer. Also, getting certification in personal training is affordable as well. Thus, you can get the required qualification and start offering personal training services.

This is one of the small businesses that are worthy of your investment as in current times people know the significance of a healthy lifestyle. Since this industry is competitive, you should use the internet to market your services and to build your client network.

6.    Web Designing

Technology companies are always looking for web designers who can make top-notch websites. Web designing entails developing value-driven, intuitive and beautiful websites.

If you have got an eye for website designing, you can offer these services to various companies and brands and start your web designing business. If you are new to this field, you can even learn the basics of website crafting and become a pro. Moreover, there are many online courses available that can teach the latest website trends as well.

7.    Social Media Marketer

Social media platforms have become a part of our daily life. Not only this, many people are running their businesses online on these platforms. You can start marketing on your social media profiles as well. For instance, you can use your Instagram account for marketing purposes.

All you need to do is decide the type of content you are willing to share such as technology, beauty, or health etc. and build up a considerable following on your account. Brands often look for social media accounts with a huge following to market their products. If your content is related to their business, they are likely to approach you.

8.    Local Business Consultant

New startups are always in demand of consultants who can solve problems related to their business and provide solid advice. Therefore, if you have developed the right skills or are a pro in your industry, you can become a consultant.

Whether you are a business strategist, marketer, or have other skills, feel free to offer your services to local businesses. Plus, you can take help from online courses on how to get clients and build your brand that is worth your investment.

9.    Travel Consultant

You can turn your love for traveling into a profitable small business. You can begin by creating official groups on Facebook or LinkedIn. This is an effective way to attract travel enthusiasts. In the group, you can share cheap flight rates and even recommendations for next traveling destinations.

Travelers are always in search of different recommendations to explore different places. In this case, they can count on you and you can teach them how to turn their dream trip into a reality.

10.    Become a Photographer

Turning your skills into a small profitable business is easy if you have a passion for photography and you own a camera. All you need to do is learn top-notch editing skills which are crucial in this industry along with finding a suitable niche, such as food photography or travel photography etc.

To build an impressive online portfolio, you should do photo-shoots frequently so people will know about your skills. For this, you should not hesitate to capture a few photographs for free. With a professional portfolio, you are likely to get clients in a short time.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of ideas that are worthy of your investment. However, the competition in different industries can give you a tough time. You can overcome this part if you focus on the quality of your services.


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