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We are seeking INVESTORS to complete the funding of our latest feature film: DINOTROPOLIS. Set within a whimsical world where tiny Dwarves construct their homes upon the backs of Dinosaurs and animated in stunning stop motion animation.

Salt Lake City, UT
Amount $600,000

Project Image fuzes social Networking , astrology and dating. Repursign allows you to be yourself by representing your zodiac sign. In the process you explore similarities, differences , compatibilities , services and products.

Long island , New york
Amount $300,000

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Need to grow DNA company

DNA consulting that has a patented Touch DNA recovery/stabilization swab, sold to law enforcement, prisons, etc.

Indianapolis, IN
Amount $250,000

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Convertible Debt at 8%

We have bootstrapped over 25,000 customers and over 7 million in sales, now we are working hard to get our first investor!

San Diego, CA
Amount $500,000

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