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Animal Lamps

Animal Lamps

Lamps in the shape of animals, where the animal itself glows! After pulling the trunk, neck, or tail of an animal, light shines through the translucent skin, giving the effect of a glowing animal.

Houston Texas
Amount $100,000


Start-up commodities investing business targeting High Net Worth clients making $350,000+ income per year. Marketing with relevant print media and targeted e-mail campaigns. Please see my posted Business Plan.

No. Plainfield, New Jersey USA
Amount $200,000
Best Pool in West Ukraine, Bukovel

Best Pool in West Ukra...

Willing to create a Pool Zone in West Ukraine. All people from our city are going 100 miles to swimming pool weekends, cause we do not have any in our area. A lot of tourists come to see Ukrainian Mountains. Come and Build it with Us!

Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk
Amount $450,000
The Epiphany Secured Movie Fund

The Epiphany Secured M...

Invest in a potential block buster movie and be guaranteed your investment is returned with a premium, whether the film makes any money at the box office or not.

Los Angeles California
Amount $872,000
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