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Modular Energy Sketching

Modular Energy Sketching

Modular Energy Sketching for Architects introduces wireless and digital building blocks for architects’ early energy modeling. This saves $182 billion per year at 1:520 cost benefit, opening a new 500-1,500 employee organization.

Chestnut Hill
Amount $50,000


(Ride share app) Flate rates with safety features turn by turn GPS, drivers earning 85% compatible with IOS, ANDROID IPad

Hoboken NJ
Amount $5,000,000
ClipPro Self Sterlizing neck duster

ClipPro Self Sterlizin...

Self Sterlizine neck duster vacuum for Barbers and Hair Stylist. See demo at

Buford Georgia
Amount $250,000
Global Micro Resorts

Global Micro Resorts

Felicity Resorts seeks an initial capital investment on $1.5 Million to establish the first two resort properties. Current opportunities include a ranch in Colorado and a beachfront resort in Jamaica. Be a part of the resorts you stay at.

Menlo Park, CA
Amount $1,500,000
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