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"Super Dojo" concept s...

I have found & procured a facility capable of teaching 28 different styles of martial arts, 175 classes per week all under one roof. I have the teachers and most of the build out and renovation money, seeking investment for rest of startup

Chandler, AZ
Amount $200,000
Digital Incentives at the Shelf

Digital Incentives at ...

Channel 3 connects manufacturers and retailers in order to deliver real-time digital incentives to shoppers at the point of purchase.

Chapel Hill, NC
Amount $500,000
Amphfoil Amphibious Boat

Amphfoil Amphibious Boat

Our Amphfoil is a first of a kind variable high speed (0-100mph/160kph) vessel, internationally patented, water transport solution that can be built in any industrialized country for domestic and export markets.

Rhode Island,
Amount $5,000,000
Crowd Lending Inc.

Crowd Lending Inc.

Crowd Lending Inc. mission is to link real estate investors with real estate owners and provides a transparent lending platform that successfully connects lenders and borrowers.

Boston, MA
Amount $10,000,000
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