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New York’s FIRST Seabreacher

New York’s FIRST...

Featuring New York’s first and only Seabreacher. The Seabreacher is a high performance, mind blowing water craft that is unlike anything else. Imagine a jet plane, but on the water.

Brentwood, NY
Amount $170,000
Joint venture or Loan

Joint venture or Loan

The company is in the business of real-time blogging and online games. For the general public, Christians and teenagers. With over 75,000 topics for daily discussions. It will be the largest real-time blogging in the world.

Amount $5,000,000
OnTrack - Connected Fitness/Health

OnTrack - Connected Fi...

OnTrack is platform aiming to connect the entire fitness & health industry through technology.

New York. NY
Amount $450,000
Funding to Sell Books on Alibris

Funding to Sell Books ...

Looking for funding to sell books, music, and movies on alibris. We source our products through and are looking for funding to finance the business.

Houston, Texas
Amount $349,000
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