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Angel Investors California

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We are looking for accredited angel investors to be a part of our growing state and world-wide networks. This is free to you and you can sign up and browse through all the great opportunities that are available in your area. is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, with a A+ rating. We have been in business since 2008.

We have many different industries and locations in all states and worldwide.

Body Alive | Hot Fitness Studios

Body Alive | Hot Fitne...

Neighborhood Boutique Hot Fitness™ Studio. Body Alive is the only boutique fitness studio specializing in four different hot workouts. Hot Power Yoga, Hot Yoga Sculpt, Hot Mat Pilates & Hot Body Challenge

Cincinnati, Ohio
Amount $300,000
Roller Skating Rink!

Roller Skating Rink!

We are looking for an investor to help get our roller skating program space under a leasing contract... we need start-up capital funding. We are an LLC and looking for motivated investors that are ready to join our team.

Vancouver, WA
Amount $150,000
Licensed Boutique Builder

Licensed Boutique Builder

We are a small licensed builder looking at creating partnerships in real estate holdings and resales. For small to medium size projects. Growing a portfolio together creating affordable homes for years to come.

Amount $3,000,000
Quadsoft LLC Presents

Quadsoft LLC Presents ...

At Quadsoft LLC we are looking to take our books to the industry of Videogames and Movies. We are in production of a videogame that will be on Android and iOS systems. is the heart of our books that will fuel our franchise.

Peoria, AZ
Amount $2,500,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why do angel investors invest in startups?

Based on related articles, the diversification of business portfolio companies and enhancement of investors’ networks are the primary driving force why angel investors are focused on putting multiple venture funds in startup companies. These accredited investors understand that their choices or actions will put their capital funds at risk, however, they also trust and respect the due diligence of the company they are dealing with as an investment partner. Dealing with angel investors can also be very rewarding to startup companies. They would garner the benefits of easily raising capital from angels invested in their ideas. The angel fund or angel capital works primarily as the main source of capital fund that these entry businesses rely on. Meanwhile, in Northern California, there are some scenarios where angel investing is used as a course of action to simply improve an individual’s investment profile or gain connections knowledge by engaging in up-to-date technology-internet business ideas.

Q2. How do you find angel investors?

In most cases, especially in San Francisco California, you will need to obtain a referral from investor groups in California to meet up with an angel investor. This is because these people are high-profile accredited investors and they dwell most likely in capital networks and you have to be smart enough to reap the membership benefits if you are part of a business circle.
Another way is for you to utilize the internet to land on an angel network website. You can check on the websites that will match the entrepreneur and angel investor.

Q3. Are angel investors worth it?

It is definitely worth your time and effort to deal with an angel investor because they are very much willing to take a risk for your business to succeed. There is a big difference when obtaining a capital fund through loans compared to the experience when dealing with the angel investor. The reason behind this is because angel investors are also renowned entrepreneurs and have been accredited investors for a long time. Thus, they understand the challenges that you are facing and they know the risk involved, and are confident enough to take it on. Even if financial institutions such as banks offer you the investment capital, they might have numerous reservations on the amount they will lend your startup company. Thus, when the need arises and with these bank restrictions, withholding you with the necessary funds will put you on a death flow in your business venture. On the other hand, angel investments are not withheld by angel investors and they even help encourage the business if they see the potential in the startup company’s success.

Q4. What do angel investors want?

If you are in the industry that creates technological advancement, whether, in the field of creating advanced medical devices or trendy gadgets, angel investors will most likely initiate contact with you. They will first check on your business plan to determine if it is realistic enough. They will also check if the projections are attainable which will make your idea a candidate to be part of their portfolio company. Other important criteria are the expertise, skills, charisma, and devotion to become profitable of the founder of the business. In today’s setup, many California angel investors are hailed as drivers of development in Los Altos. The place is presently known as the home to many successful startup companies. These businesses have reached international markets, continuously penetrating various markets in other countries.

Q5. How do you negotiate with angel investors?

Whether you are in Altos Ca or in the City of Menlo Park, the usual setup is that California angel Investors will accumulate around 20% minimum to 50% maximum of company ownership in relation to their venture funds. This is one of the membership benefits that an entrepreneur who is part of Southern California's capital network can avail. Another part of the deal you can negotiate is the dividends that these investors may receive. If you are hesitant and you believe that the angel investor is demanding a large percentage, then you should not hesitate to voice out your bargain of the deal. It is also important that you clearly know how much you will need in relation to the consumer products and the services you are offering in the market in order for you not to overly rely on the angel investor before you sign an agreement.