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  • "My company has been very pleased in using Funded.com's investor network. We have found two qualified investors to help fund our company. We have also used Funded.com to help us build a professional business plan that has been a good asset."

    Entrepreneur Milton L

  • "Funded has been a primary resource of well qualified businesses that we like to participate in seed and staged funding."

    Angel Investor – Sam H

  • "I am grateful I had the opportunity to access your network of investors. I am reasonably confident that the current negotiations with one of your investors will go through for our film production. I will be back for my next production."

    Kind Regard – Oscar S

  • "Funded.com is a great way to share your business plan and proposals with an array of VCs for business people needing funding. The responses were quick - and it saved time and money by the quick flick of a button. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for funding."

    Entrepreneur- Leslye J

  • "Funded.com has been great and my project is in the final stages of being funded by an investor I found on here. I was surprised at the quick process and how fast investors funded my project. Website was a big help!"

    Rick R, GA

  • "Let me first start by saying I believe your site is THE BEST there is for connecting Entrepreneurs and Investors. It is the site I've had most success with. I had about 6 Investors either respond back or contact me because of your site with an interest in investing in my company. Thank you very much! I love your site and will recommend it to any of my Colleagues. I love the fact that we are able to contact the Investors directly (which many of the sites joining Entrepreneurs and Investors don't allow). It looks like I'm about to go into contract with an Investor because of your site. Thank you again."

    Entrepreneur - Faith D

  • "I give the experience a 9....only because perfection does not exist in my vocabulary."

    John O.

  • Funded.com has helped me to elevate my overall business strategy to the next level in many wonderful ways. The staff at Funded.com has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Creating a strategic plan and the process of acquiring funding was easier because of Funded.com.

    Summer S., NM

  • Funded.com was extremely helpful in creating our business plan. The staff was kind, patient, knowledgeable, and did their work in a very satisfactory manner. Anyone who doesn't have the patience or working knowledge to gather information but needs a business plan should look to Funded.com!

    Edward S. Mobile Cottages, Inc., TX

  • Thanks guys! You Rock!

    Benjamin R.

  • I will be forever grateful with you all at Funded.com in putting together my outstanding business plan that is about to help me receive a SBA Loan and will help me start me business. Once again Thank You for you time.

    Joshua M, TX.

Tips 7 TIPS
  • Be well thought out business plan of how you will achieve your milestones.
  • Be realistic with your projections and sale results.
  • Be careful not to overvalue your current company worth.
  • Be diligent to re-evaluate to revise your strategy if you are not getting results.
  • Be hungry to stay with your passion.
  • Be detailed when you create your pitch and posting.
  • Be ready to hit the ground running once you get funded!
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