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BetaBlocks Funded $1.5M to Scale the Digital Marketplace


BetaBlocks, a Miami-based digital asset marketplace infrastructure company. In addition to its blockchain labs, the company also developed an asset tokenization platform to customize, build, deploy, and manage blockchain networks, enabling businesses to leverage blockchain technologies.

BetaBlocks was funded $1.5M, led by E3 Negócios, Ocean Azul Partners, SaaS Ventures, and other strategic angel investors. E3’s Investment Director, Bruno dos Santos, will enter the BetaBlocks board and Ocean Azul’s Partner to share the investment.

The startup will apply the capital to grow its product in Miami and Brazil’s

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The Right Way to Arrange and Manage Small Business Funds

Managing funds
The sustenance and growth of a business depends on how well it manages the funds available to it. The first step is to arrange the right funding based on a proper business plan. As a business owner, you don’t want to end up getting more funds than you need because you will then overly spend the money and end up with debt that’s hard to pay off.
The second step is to manage the funds properly and invest them for short-term and long-term

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Ideal Approaches to Achieve Business Growth

Business GrowthThe business world is always adapting to changing consumer behavior and varying needs. Competition is growing, consumers are becoming ever-demanding, and more brands are entering the market.
To stay a float, it’s necessary that small businesses achieve more growth this year by employing the right strategies. This means that your ultimate goals should include having a bigger base of loyal customers. Higher rates of customer acquisition, and a productive marketing strategy.
Here are some great approaches to help you achieve business growth.
Set Key Performance

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Maker Wine Funded $2.3M for Market Expansion Over the Country


Maker Wine is based in Marin County, California. The producer of small-batch wines intended to offer premium wines in a can. The company’s platform provides a new distribution channel for small wineries and the destination for the millennial wine drinker, enabling customers to get improved quality in a portable, single-serving format delivered at the desired location.

Maker Wine was funded $2.3 million led by over 30 angel investors and operators, including Marcy Venture Partners, Pear VC, The Chainsmokers, Rachel Mansfield, Mariam Naficy, Bryan Mahoney, Henry Davis,

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