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Locket Funded $12.5M to Release New Photo Sharing Interactive Features with Friends and Family


Locket, a Los Angeles, CA-based developer of a mobile-advertising and photo sharing application. The company delivers advertising on users’ lock screens, delivering content whenever they unlock their phones and providing deals, trailers, and opportunities for engaging with commerce sites.

The Locket was funded $12.5 million led by Open AI CEO Sam Altman with participation from Sugar Capital and Costanoa Ventures, and additional strategic investment from Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger and Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo and other angel investors. The new funds will fuel continued hiring efforts and

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Business Credit Card vs. Business Loan for Funds


If you have long been looking for business funds, the multiple business financing options must have overwhelmed you. Many entrepreneurs don’t want to involve outside investors to raise capital for their lean startups to avoid entailing risks such as misaligned structure and timeline.

If you are one of them, business credit cards and business loans are some of the readily available options for you. Plus, these financing options are widely accessible for the entrepreneurs who want to self-finance their business.

Regardless of what options you choose, understanding their pros and cons is essential. But before we

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How to Increase Your Work Productivity


Have you been complaining about how your day seems spiral out of control? You start your workday feeling a 100 with a goal, plan, and list, but at the end of the day, you are unable to accomplish most of the items on your list. There are days when completing our To-Do list seems beyond reach, and you keep scrambling to achieve deadlines.

Being productive at work can be a difficult task, and the temptation of mobile games, social media, the Internet and the bustle of

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What Exactly Is An LLC? Definition, Benefits, and Drawbacks – Business Advisor


What we will learn from this content is the learning object.

1-How an LLC Company Works

2- What are the advantages of forming an LLC?

3- What are the drawbacks of LLC corporations?

4: With an LLC, what can you invest in?

5-How are LLCs different from other types of businesses?

Before learning about the benefits and features of LLCs (limited liability corporations), it’s important to understand what they are and how they operate.

What Is Exactly a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

Various forms of limited liability companies (LLC) in the United States

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