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RoboTire Funded $7.5M to Develop Smart Automotive Technology


RoboTire is a startup, and Developer of automated vehicle maintenance machines design to facilitate the speedy replacement of automotive tires.

RoboTire was funded a $7.5 million financing round, begun by The Reinalt-Thomas Corporation, which gives business as Discount Tire and America’s Tire. In joining, automotive Ventures, Detroit Venture Partners, 640 Oxford Ventures, and several angel investors participated in the round.

RoboTire CEO and Founder Victor Darolfi said their focus is to revolutionize the way tires are change. Cooperating with Discount Tire an iconic automotive and tire industry

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Niche Business Marketing – How to Do It


Starting up a business is an easy job to do, but making it successful is challenging, especially when you’re competing against several business rivals. In that case, targeting a niche market is perhaps the most successful idea you can work on.
To succeed in your business, you first need to determine the market and identify the customers you’re going to target. This is what all the businessmen do. Usually, they target a large group of people with various demographics.
However, a niche market is a defined group

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Seasonable Business Cash Flow – Big Problem but with a Solution


It can be quite the hassle as a seasonable business. No matter how well you plan the year, you always seem to be struggling a while after the profitable season ends. Cash flow is somehow always a problem, but it’s not impossible to manage. Sure, it’ll take some effort and organization on your part, but it’s nothing that a dedicated business owner can’t handle.
There are a number of seasonal businesses, from farming to tourism and all the way to event planning. Although the nature of

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DroneSeed Funded $36M to Expand Seedling Cultivation for Wildfire Restoration


DroneSeed, a Seattle, WA-based developer of a drone data platform designed to help businesses collect, manage, and interpret drone data. As a tech-powered option to the backbreaking work of large-scale tree planting, this vital responsibility is only one tiny part of forest restoration, the foundation for which pushed to the breaking point by wildfires.

DroneSeed was funded $36 million led by Social Capital and Seven Seven Six, with new and existing investors with individual and group angel investors.

The company will use some new investment to acquire

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