Seegrid Funded $52M for High Demand of Industrial Vehicles


Seegrid Corporation, a Pittsburgh, PA-based the leader in self-driving industrial vehicles for material handling. As the demand for automation in supply chain operations continues to grow, so have investments in mobile robots’ suppliers.

Seegrid was funded $52 million was led by G2VP with participation from technology and robotics investors. The company plans to use the added capital to increase the size of its workforce to deliver best-in-class automation solutions for its customers and also will accelerate new product development and new product introductions. Seegrid also is

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Niche Business Marketing – How to Do It

Starting up a business is an easy job to do, but making it successful is challenging, especially when you’re competing against several business rivals. In that case, targeting a niche market is perhaps the most successful idea you can work on.
To succeed in your business, you first need to determine the market and identify the customers you’re going to target. This is what all the businessmen do. Usually, they target a large group of people with various demographics.
However, a niche market is a

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The Building Blocks for Great Marketing Copy

Marketers and copywriters craft the best marketing copy to guarantee more conversions and sales.
But how do you write the best copy that convinces even the most demanding consumers?
What is Marketing?
Marketing refers to creating the image a business wants to portray to their consumers and stakeholders. Marketing is all about representing your image and establishing your unique identity in the market.
Marketing content is not restricted to your products and services. A company can market its work culture

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Biofourmis Funded $100M for Developing AI Therapeutics Solutions


Biofourmis, based in Boston, Massachusetts, which combines AI-based data analytics and biosensors to monitor medical treatments’ progress, has raised funding from one of the world’s most high-profile investors.

Biofourmis was funded $100 million Series C financing led by SoftBank Vision Fund, with participation from old investors Openspace Ventures, MassMutual Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and EDBI.

This company plans to use the investment to develop and bring to market new digital therapeutics solutions across cardiology, respiratory, oncology,

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