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GreyNoise Intelligence Funded $15M to Develop Scope Filtration of its Threat Data Solution


GreyNoise Intelligence, a Washington, DC-based. Develop a cybersecurity platform developed to analyze and determine malware threat attacks. The company’s platform identifies internet background noise caused by sources that increase the volume of security alerts to collect and keep a baseline of expected omnidirectional mass-scan traffic, enabling businesses to streamline and prioritize threats analysis efficiently.

GreyNoise Intelligence was funded $15 million led by Radian Capital with participation from CRV, Inner Loop, Stone Mill Ventures, strategic angel investors, and Paladin Capital. The company plans to use the new

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What Is Factoring and Why You Should Consider It for Steady Cash Flow

Whether you are running a mid-sized company or a startup, your company requires working capital with fast financing and flexibility. Factoring companies, in this regard, provide you this needed cash flow. A factoring company typically takes on waiting for burden for accounts to receive invoice payments. In return, it provides businesses and companies with timely advance cash.
There is no denying this receivable financing method is not only flexible but and also a smart financing alternative as compared to conventional business loans. Businesses need

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Calaxy Funded $26M to Expand the Platform in Social Network Technology

Calaxy, a Los Angeles, CA-based. The operator of social marketplace for creators designed to put the modern fan at the center of all the action. The company’s marketplace offers direct and intimate experiences using cutting-edge blockchain technology, enabling the blockchain industry to scale to users globally seamlessly.

Calaxy was funded $26 million co-led by Animoca Brands and HBAR Foundation with support from strategic angel investors of Polygon. The fresh capital will eventually used to expand its platform and products.

The startup company was co-founded by tech entrepreneur

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How to Calculate Free Cash Flow for your Business Health


Free cash flow is one of the key indicators used to show the health of the business, particularly its profitability. Typically, it demonstrates the amount of money any business for other purposes after all the capital expenditures that may include equipment, buildings and various other necessary expenses that help businesses sustain their operations.

Although calculating cash flow is a complicated process, there are many ways you can do it. According to experts, it is always better to use all methods correctly. If they all generate the

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