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Rootly Funded $3.2M to Innovative Features for Company Incident Solution


Rootly is a developer and operator of an incident management platform designed to help companies resolve incidents faster by automating manual admin tasks based in San Francisco, CA. A new early-stage startup wants to help by building an incident-response solution inside of Slack.

Rootly funded $3.2 million in seed funding led by XYZ Venture Capital, 8VC and Y Combinator, and several angel fund and individual tech executives.

Funds will expand the Rootly team and accelerate product development as the company continues to add innovative features and extend

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4 Ways to Impress an Angel Investor with Your Business Startup?


Gaining the attention of an angel investor takes plenty of wit and charisma, but getting them to sign the dotted line to fund your business takes a little more effort and preparedness. Knowing what will garner their focus and impress them to the fullest can make securing the funding you need to start your business easier and, of course, less stressful. Start with the following to get the nod of that angle investor you are looking to partner with.
Impressive Revenue Stats
Knowing the numbers is imperative

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Microverse Funded $12.5M to Educate Coders in the Developing World


Microverse is a provider of an online and full-time software development course designed to sharpen IT skills and find jobs globally. It is enabling student coders to become professional remote software developers on a global scale.

Microverse funded $12.5 million led by Northzone with additional participation from General Catalyst, All Iron Ventures, and many angel investors from companies such as Google, GitHub, Spotify, and Eventbrite co-founders Kevin and Julia Hartz also participated.

Edtech startup Microverse new investment is intend to use in increasing their global impact and

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All the Reasons Why Mixing Small Business with Personal Banking Isn’t a Great Idea


When starting a new business, you face hundreds of new challenges – many of which you have already assessed and many that you couldn’t have imagined. Once you have made up your mind to start your business, you need to set some rules. While there are many, today’s topic is mixing personal banking with business finances. A great number of new and small business owners make the mistake of mixing their finances with business finances. Here are the reasons why you should not do this

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