Business Plan Writing When the Economy is Less Than Desirable

Writing a business plan for a new business to secure funding in a weak economy may seem like an impossible task. That’s the wrong attitude to have though because it’s actually quite the opposite. In a weak economy funders are looking for innovative and creative ideas that give them an opportunity to make a profitable investment when other financial vehicles are experiencing low returns.

Investors have trouble making money when the Federal Reserve is keeping the federal funds rate at 0 to one-quarter percent. In fact, the U.S. Central Bank Open Market Committee just reiterated on April 25, 2012 that it’s holding interest rates to near zero levels through the end of next year. That means investors must turn to alternative investments to compensate for lack of opportunity in the traditional financial markets.

Writing a business plan in a less than desirable economy should be viewed as an opportunity rather than an impossible task. As an entrepreneur, you are presenting the opportunity to increase investor cash flow and earnings. The business plan can also prove that a weak economy offers unique competitive conditions that increase the odds of success.

For example, the high unemployment rate means specialized labor is available at affordable wage rates. Another business advantage is the fact many potential competitors have already gone out of business which creates market opportunities. Also, the marketplace is ready for innovation in an economy that demands high performance levels. Your business plan can present strategies that take advantage of these opportunities, and that’s just the kind of thinking that gets the attention of funders.

So don’t think of the weak economy with discouragement. Think of it as opportunity for innovation, and then present those opportunities in your business plan with confidence.

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