Customer Focused Businesses Attract Investors

To sell a business plan to investors, you have some things to prove beyond the immediately obvious like marketing and the period the investor can expect a return on investment. You must also prove that you are customer focused from the very beginning. What does that mean exactly? It begins with a business that has products or services that solve customer problems and then expands from there.

Customer focused business plans attract investors for a good reason. The well thought out business plan that is customer focused finds a good balance between providing quality customer service with the need to achieve a return on investment. Achieving this balance is necessary because a business that is in it for the long haul must meet both goals to survive. In other words, you can’t have great customer service and lose money, and you can’t have poor customer service and a good return. If the latter situation exists, the business has moved to a company focus which means customers are being neglected. Eventually, competitors will get the neglected customers’ business.

For this reason, it’s critical that businesses needing investors prove they fully understand customer needs, can convert those needs into opportunities and have developed strategies to retain customers. The business plan will also need to prove that customers will get value for their money. In other words, the customer should be central to all decision making and planning. When investors review the business plan, they will look for customer focus as well as financial viability. In the final analysis, the two are so tied together that it’s impossible to separate them anyway.

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