Dapple Security Funded $2.3M to Revolutionize SMB Cybersecurity


Dapple Security is a Denver, CO-based developer of a digital security technology platform designed to protect human digital identity. The company’s technology utilizes responsible biometrics and privacy by design principles and, with the help of its passwordless platform, enables enterprises to defend against phishing and other cyber-attacks.

Dapple Security was funded $2.3 million. The investment will be instrumental in advancing Dapple’s innovative cybersecurity solutions tailored for a sector often overlooked and susceptible to cyber-attacks.

Small and mid-sized businesses constitute a significant portion of the global economy, yet they frequently need more resources and robust cybersecurity measures that larger enterprises employ. Recognizing this vulnerability, Dapple Security aims to level the playing field by providing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions designed for businesses of this scale.

The funding round was led by prominent venture capital firms First In, ex/ante, Access Ventures, Techstars, and other strategic angel investors who recognize the critical importance of fortifying the digital defenses of smaller enterprises. Dapple’s approach focuses on creating accessible and affordable cybersecurity solutions that cater to small and mid-sized businesses’ unique needs and challenges.

CEO of Dapple Security, Gadalia Montoya Weinberg O’Bryan, expressed gratitude for the support and emphasized the company’s commitment to empowering smaller businesses in the digital age. Their mission is to democratize cybersecurity. Small and mid-sized businesses are the backbone of their economy and deserve top-notch protection against evolving cyber threats.

Dapple’s innovative cybersecurity suite encompasses threat detection, data encryption, and proactive monitoring to shield businesses from cyber threats, including phishing attacks, ransomware, and data breaches. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and scalable, allowing businesses to integrate and manage their cybersecurity defenses easily.

The investment comes when cyber-attacks on small and mid-sized businesses are on the rise, with threat actors increasingly targeting these entities due to perceived vulnerabilities. The funds raised will accelerate product development, expand the Dapple Security team, and enhance customer support services.

Dapple Security’s commitment to bolstering the cybersecurity posture of small and mid-sized businesses is a significant step towards creating a more resilient and secure digital landscape for all. As the company continues to innovate and evolve, the impact on the cybersecurity landscape for smaller enterprises is expected to be profound, marking a positive shift towards a more inclusive and protected digital ecosystem.

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Ezra Funded $21M for AI-Powered Early Cancer Detection


Ezra is a NYC-based developer of screening equipment designed to make early cancer screening detection more accessible and affordable. The company’s equipment uses artificial intelligence to run MRI scans analyzed by expert radiologists in a single session and analyze.

Ezra was funded $21 million led by Healthier Capital and FirstMark Capital, with participation from Allianz Life Ventures, the Schwarzman family, former Chairman of England’s National Health Service (NHS) Lord David Prior, strategic angel investors of Gaingels, Republic, Mana Ventures, and existing investors.

The funds will be instrumental in advancing their cutting-edge technology, which aims to revolutionize the landscape of cancer diagnosis.

Ezra’s innovative approach involves leveraging AI algorithms to analyze medical imaging data, enabling the early detection of various types of cancer. With this new injection of capital, the company is poised to accelerate its research and development efforts, enhance its AI capabilities, and broaden the scope of its early detection platform.

The company’s mission is to make cancer screening more accessible, efficient, and accurate, leading to earlier intervention and better chances of successful treatment.

Ezra’s CEO, Emi Gal, expressed gratitude for the support and emphasized the transformative potential of their AI-powered solution. They are thrilled to have the backing of our investors as they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in early cancer detection. This funding will enable them to expand their research, strengthen their partnerships, and ultimately bring their technology to more people around the globe.

The company’s AI algorithms are designed to analyze various medical imaging modalities, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, to identify potential signs of cancer at an early stage. By focusing on early detection, Ezra aims to improve survival rates and reduce late-stage cancer diagnoses’ economic and emotional impact.

Ezra’s success in securing new funding underscores the growing interest and confidence in the potential of AI to transform healthcare. As the company continues to advance its technology, the impact on the field of oncology could be profound, offering new hope for individuals at risk of developing cancer and providing healthcare professionals with powerful tools for more effective diagnosis and treatment planning.

With this latest funding boost, Ezra is well-positioned to cement its role as a leader in the intersection of AI and healthcare further, bringing us one step closer to a future where early cancer detection is not only possible but also more accessible than ever before.

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CARPL Funded $6M to Fuel Expansion in Medical Radiology AI Applications Market


CARPL is a San Francisco, CA-based developer of a medical imaging platform intended to accelerate the discovery, validation, and deployment of artificial intelligence strategies in clinical practice. The company’s platform provides a single user interface, procurement, and integration channel for medical imaging, enabling radiologists to seamlessly adopt artificial intelligence strategies that improve the quality and efficiency of care.

In a significant stride towards advancing healthcare technology, CARPL, a leading player in radiology artificial intelligence (AI) applications, announced CARPL was funded $6 million in a recent funding round. Stellaris Venture Partners led the investment round with the participation of angel investors from Novo Holdings, Leapfrog PE, Bain & Co., Boston Consulting Group, United Health, and others.

CARPL specializes in developing cutting-edge AI applications that enhance the efficiency and accuracy of radiological diagnostics. With the newly acquired funds, the company plans to accelerate its research and development efforts, expand its team of experts, and strengthen its market presence.

The demand for AI-powered solutions in radiology has been steadily increasing as healthcare providers seek innovative tools to improve patient care, reduce diagnosis time, and optimize resource utilization. CARPL’s suite of AI applications offers a range of features, including image analysis, anomaly detection, and predictive modeling, providing radiologists with invaluable support in interpreting medical images.

The funding round attracted significant attention from investors who recognize the immense potential of AI in revolutionizing the healthcare sector, particularly in diagnostic imaging. CARPL’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in radiology AI has positioned the company as a critical player in this rapidly evolving industry.

Dr. Vidur Mahajan, CEO of CARPL, expressed gratitude for the support from investors and outlined the company’s vision for the future. The funding allows them to continue their mission of harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to transform radiological diagnostics. They are dedicated to creating solutions that streamline the workflow for healthcare professionals and contribute to improved patient outcomes.

The funds will also forge strategic partnerships with healthcare institutions and industry stakeholders. Collaborations with research centers and hospitals will enable CARPL to validate and refine its AI algorithms, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

The radiology AI applications market is expected to grow substantially in the coming years, driven by advancements in machine learning, computer vision, and healthcare data analytics. CARPL’s recent funding round positions the company as a frontrunner in this dynamic market, poised to contribute significantly to the evolution of diagnostic imaging practices.

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Isaac Health Funded $5.7M to Advance Virtual Brain Health and Dementia Care


Isaac Health is a NYC-based provider of digitally enabled dementia care designed for brain health and cognitive care. The company’s platform improves quality, experience, and MLR by increasing diagnosis rates and giving patients better access to specialist care and management. It offers prevention of memory and cognitive decline, diagnosis of mental conditions, and management and monitoring of cognitive conditions, enabling hospitals to screen, diagnose, and treat dementia.

Isaac Health was funded $5.7 million, led by prominent investors. Meridian Street Capital and B Capital with participation from Primetime Partners, Co-Found Partners, VU Venture Partners, and angel investors from AirAngels.

The investment will be instrumental in accelerating the company’s mission to revolutionize the delivery of dementia care through innovative virtual solutions.

Isaac Health’s platform combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence and telehealth capabilities to offer personalized and accessible care for individuals affected by neurological conditions.

Isaac Health’s virtual platform provides users comprehensive tools to assess, monitor, and manage brain health. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to analyze various data, including cognitive assessments, lifestyle factors, and medical history, to generate personalized care plans tailored to everyone’s unique needs.

The infusion of capital will scale up Isaac Health’s operations, expanding access to its virtual brain health and dementia care services. This includes further development of the platform’s features, such as advanced diagnostic capabilities, improved user interfaces, and integration with wearable devices to enhance real-time monitoring.

The funding round attracted participation from several strategic investors with healthcare, technology, and impact investing expertise. The strong backing from these investors underscores the confidence in Isaac Health’s innovative approach to addressing the growing challenges posed by dementia and related neurological conditions.

As the world grapples with an aging population, the demand for effective and scalable solutions for dementia care continues to rise. Isaac Health’s virtual brain health platform is well-positioned to meet this demand, offering a holistic and tech-driven approach to improve the lives of individuals affected by cognitive disorders.

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Talofa Games Funded $6.3M to Power the Next Wave of Social Fitness Gaming


Talofa Games is a San Francisco, CA-based social fitness gaming software operator intended to bring people from all walks of life together in the real world. The company’s artificial intelligence-based software features augmented reality social running games that combine live audio coaching with virtual running companions to explore new locations and provide personalized stories and feedback based on current location, enabling fitness and gaming enthusiasts to improve their mental and physical health.

Talofa Games was funded $6.3 million in a recent funding round. This significant capital injection is poised to catapult the company to new heights, enabling the development of innovative titles and expanding its operations to reach a wider audience.

Talofa Games has been at the forefront of the intersection between technology, gaming, and fitness, aiming to make exercising enjoyable and accessible. The latest funding round, led by Chamaeleon, with participation from a16z SPEEDRUN, Basis Set Ventures, Insight Partners, and 1Up Ventures, among other strategic angel investors, underscores the growing interest and confidence in the potential of social fitness gaming.

The CEO of Talofa Games, Jenny Xu, expressed gratitude for the support from investors and shared the company’s vision for the future. This funding will play a crucial role in their mission to redefine fitness by blending cutting-edge gaming experiences with social interaction. They believe combining technology and fitness in a social context can revolutionize how people approach a healthy lifestyle.

The funds will primarily be allocated towards developing new social fitness games that leverage the latest advancements in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. Talofa Games aims to create immersive and engaging experiences that motivate users to stay active while connecting with others in a virtual environment.

Much of the funding will also be directed towards expanding Talofa Games’ operations. This expansion includes hiring top talent in the gaming and fitness industries, establishing strategic partnerships, and increasing marketing efforts to raise awareness about the benefits of social fitness gaming.

Industry experts are closely watching Talofa Games, anticipating the company’s continued impact on the gaming and fitness landscape. With a proven track record of delivering innovative and entertaining experiences, Talofa Games is well-positioned to lead the evolution of social fitness gaming.

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Avante Funded $10M for Product Development and Team Expansion


Avante, a Seattle, WA-based startup. In a significant milestone for technology innovation, Avante, the cutting-edge technology firm specializing in enterprise product, and commercial services.

Avante was funded $10 million in a recent funding round. The investment will be earmarked to propel Avante’s product development initiatives and bolster its engineering and data science teams.

The funding round was led by FUSE, with participation from Ascend Venture Capital, Highsage and a group of strategic angel investors. This substantial injection of capital underscores the confidence the investment community has in Avante’s vision and the potential of its technological advancements.

Avante, known for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, plans to allocate the funds strategically. A significant portion will be channeled into accelerating the development of Avante’s flagship products. This infusion of capital will empower Avante to expedite its roadmap, bringing cutting-edge solutions to market faster than ever before.

Moreover, a considerable portion of the funds will be directed towards expanding Avante’s engineering and data science teams. This investment in human capital is pivotal for maintaining Avante’s position at the forefront of technological breakthroughs. By attracting top-tier talent, Avante aims to enhance its research and development capabilities, ensuring a steady stream of innovative products and solutions.

They are thrilled to have the support of our investors as we embark on this exciting phase of growth, commented Rohan D’Souza Avante CEO. This funding will fuel their mission to pioneer groundbreaking technologies that address the evolving needs of their clients and the industry at large. They are also excited to welcome new talents to their team, fostering a diverse and dynamic environment that will drive their innovation agenda forward.

The news of Avante’s successful funding round comes at a time when the demand for advanced technological solutions is escalating across various sectors. As Avante continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, this latest investment positions the company for sustained success and establishes it as a key player in shaping the future of enterprise software.

With this injection of funds, Avante is well-positioned to make significant strides in its product development, solidify its position as an industry leader, and make lasting contributions to the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and innovation. The company’s commitment to excellence and the advancement of cutting-edge solutions is now fortified by a robust financial foundation, ensuring a promising future ahead.

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Via Scientific Funded $5M to Advance Life Science Discoveries

Life Science

Via Scientific, a Boston, MA-based a pioneering company at the forefront of revolutionizing life science research.

Via Scientific was funded $5 million, this substantial financial backing is poised to propel the company’s mission to expedite the pace of discovery in the field of life science. The funding round was led by G20 Ventures and Innospark Ventures. The syndicate also included Life Science and AI Angel investors including Melissa J. Moore, former CSO of Moderna, Rob Hickey, Former EVP at DataRobot, and Janet Kosloff, Founder, and former CEO of InCrowd, Inc.

Via Scientific’s groundbreaking approach and vision for transforming the landscape of scientific discovery garnered substantial interest from investors seeking to support cutting-edge advancements in the field. Specializes in leveraging advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to revolutionize the process of drug discovery and development. Their proprietary platform harnesses the power of data analytics and computational biology, enabling researchers to expedite the identification and validation of potential drug candidates with unprecedented efficiency.

Jim Crowley Via Scientific CEO said, that they are thrilled by the support and confidence shown by their investors, which reflects the recognition of their commitment to transforming life sciences research. For him the funding will significantly accelerate their efforts to bring about meaningful advancements in drug discovery, ultimately impacting patient care and healthcare outcomes.

The infusion of capital will primarily fuel the expansion of Via Scientific’s research and development efforts. The company plans to enhance its technological infrastructure, further refine its AI algorithms, and broaden its collaborations with pharmaceutical partners and research institutions.

Via Scientific’s innovative approach aims to streamline the traditionally laborious and time-consuming process of drug discovery, potentially expediting the development of life-saving treatments for various diseases.

This significant funding milestone marks a pivotal moment for Via Scientific, providing the resources needed to push the boundaries of life sciences research and bring forth novel therapeutic solutions that could positively impact global healthcare.

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Claim Funded $4M for Innovative Reward-Based Social Networking Platform


Claim, a San Francisco, CA-based Operator of a social application intended to turn brand discovery into a fun and social app experience. The company offers cash-back, exclusive access to events, and free merchandise just by shopping at a favorite brand. It lets customers share benefits with their friends by gifting and trading reward.

The Claim was funded $4 million led by Sequoia Capital with participation from Susa Ventures, BoxGroup, 6th Man Ventures, Reflexive Capital, A* Capital, GSW Ventures, The Kraft Group, Theia, Luke deWilde, and many other angel investors.

The company plans to use the new funding to hire fresh talent and grow its eight-person team over the next year. Claim will also use the funding to focus on testing and learning from an engineering perspective before expanding into new markets.

Founded in 2021, Claim has quickly gained attention with its innovative approach to social networking. Unlike traditional platforms, Claim integrates a reward-based system that allows users to earn points through engagement and interactions. These points can be traded among friends or redeemed for various services and products within the platform.

The idea behind Claim is simple yet transformative. Users earn points by creating content, engaging with others’ posts, or participating in community activities. These points act as a virtual currency within the platform, fostering a sense of accomplishment and incentivizing positive interactions.

Claim’s unique model could alter the landscape of social media engagement. CEO and co-founder Sam Obletz said they’re shifting the focus from passive scrolling to active, rewarding participation. Their platform is designed to make social media interactions more meaningful.

How Claim Stands Out

Reward System: Unlike any other social media platform, Claim rewards users for their engagement.

Community Building: Encourages users to participate and contribute to their communities actively.

User Experience: Focuses on positive and constructive interactions.

Flexibility: Users control how they use and distribute their earned points.

The concept has already stirred interest in the tech community. Market analysts predict that Claim’s model could introduce a new wave of social media platforms prioritizing active user engagement and tangible rewards.

As Claim moves forward with its innovative approach, it’s clear that the social media landscape might be on the brink of a significant transformation. This funding marks a milestone for the company and potentially for the entire industry, paving the way for a more interactive and rewarding social networking experience.

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UltiHash Funded $2.5M for Sustainable Data Storage Solutions


UltiHash, a Berlin, Germany- and San Francisco, CA-based. Operator of a data infrastructure platform intended to grow data storage across the cloud and on-premises sustainably. The company’s platform connects cloud architectures with a unified infrastructure and maximizes the resource efficiency of big data applications, enabling clients to prevent unwanted redundancies and solve costly connectivity issues.

UltiHash was funded $2.5 million led by Inventure, with participation from PreSeedVentures, Tiny VC, Futuristic VC, The Nordic Web, Antti Karjalainen, Founder, and angel investors for Sequoia Capital, and other private investors.

Founded in 2022 by Tom Lüdersdorf – Co-Founder and CEO, Katja Belova – CTO, UltiHash is a data storage infrastructure that allows companies to grow data sustainably. The company connects cloud and on-premises architectures with a unified storage infrastructure and maximizes the resource efficiency of Big Data applications.

UltiHash has been at the forefront of developing eco-friendly data storage solutions. UltiHash’s unique approach combines cutting-edge algorithms with renewable energy sources to create a data storage solution that is not only more cost-effective than traditional methods but also significantly reduces carbon footprint. Their proprietary technology allows for high-density data storage, which uses less physical space and energy.

Data centers are one of the largest energy consumers globally, contributing substantially to carbon emissions. UltiHash’s solution directly addresses this challenge by significantly reducing the energy required for data storage. This reduction in energy use is not just beneficial for the environment but also translates into lower operational costs for clients.

With this new infusion of capital, UltiHash plans to expand its research and development efforts and scale its operations. The company aims to deploy its technology in partnership with major cloud service providers and data centers, demonstrating the practicality and benefits of its system on a large scale.

The founder of The Nordic Web Antti Karjalainen said, they see immense potential in UltiHash’s technology to set new standards in the data storage industry. Their focus on sustainability aligns perfectly with our mission to support innovative solutions that can make a real difference in reducing environmental impact.

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Distributional Funded $11M for AI Risk Mitigation Software

AI Risk

Distributional, a San Francisco, CA-based developer of an AI testing and evaluation platform intended to make AI risk safe, reliable, and secure. The company provides tools for continuous monitoring, generating test cases and analyzing results to ensure AI systems perform as expected, enabling customers to trust AI, ship AI products more frequently and realize the full potential impact of AI on their organization.

Distributional was funded $11 million led by Andreessen Horowitz with participation from Operator Stack, Point72 Ventures, SV Angel, Two Sigma, Willowtree Investments, and dozens of AI leaders as angel investors.

The investment is set to fuel the development of cutting-edge software aimed at minimizing potential threats associated with artificial intelligence systems. Distributional’s approach stands out for its focus on proactively managing and mitigating AI risk arising from AI advancements, a concern that has garnered increased attention in recent years.

CEO and co-founder, Scott Clark expressed his excitement about the support received, emphasizing the critical need for solutions addressing AI risks. AI holds immense promise, but it also introduces complex challenges and potential risks. At Distributional, they are committed to creating software that ensures the safe and responsible development and deployment of AI systems.

The company’s software aims to tackle a spectrum of AI-related risks, including algorithmic biases, unintended consequences, and potential threats arising from autonomous systems. By leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, Distributional seeks to provide developers and organizations with tools to anticipate and mitigate these risks proactively.

The new capital is expected to bolster Distributional’s research and development efforts, accelerating the deployment of their software solutions. The company plans to expand its team of AI ethicists, data scientists, and software engineers to spearhead the initiative.

Clark emphasized that while AI brings unprecedented opportunities, it’s imperative to address the associated risks comprehensively. Their mission is to ensure that as AI continues to advance, it does so with a keen eye on safety, fairness, and accountability. This investment will significantly advance their progress toward achieving this goal.

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