StoryCo Funded $6M to Accelerate Growth of Storytelling Platform in the Digital World


StoryCo is a Los Angeles, CA-based provider of an open storytelling platform where creators and devoted fans collaborate and co-create the following fantastic story franchises and jointly participate in their success.

StoryCo was funded $6 million led by Collab + Currency and Patron with participation from Blockchange Ventures, Floodgate Ventures, Sfermion, Flamingo DAO, and angel investors Lloyd Braun, Packy McCormick, Sabrina Hahn, GMoney, and directors from UTA and WME. The company plans to utilize the new funds to accelerate growth and expand operations.

StoryCo has also declared the takeoff of its ground-breaking collaborative storytelling platform, where conventional Hollywood creators and devoted fans unite forces to build the following outstanding media franchises, participate in their success, and publicize the future delivery of The Disco Ball its first story universe led by Story Architect Kyle Killen.

Justin and J.P. Alanís, founders of StoryCo, said they are building a new model to guide the development of remarkable new stories and let their community of creatives and fans contribute meaningfully to its growth.

Announce on the StoryCo platform in early 2023; The Disco Ball is an enticing and combined storytelling experience – a first-of-its-kind interactive record progress across the StoryCo site, social media, and reality interplay.

Jason Yeh, General Partner at Patron, commented that better models would emerge which help emerging creative talent to capture and share in the value around these IPs. They’re thrilled to be partnering with the StoryCo team as they look to build a platform that does just this, helping creatives attain more control and ownership of the IP they help to create.

Community members can now declare their Disco Ball StoryPass to accumulate and earn digital art related to crucial story moments and characters, culminating in an exclusive piece of rare digital art conveying the right to control the future of The Disco Ball story.

By: K. Tagura

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