Array Behavioral Funded $25M for Virtual Health Care and Innovative Technology Enhancement


Array Behavioral Care, a Mount Laurel, New Jersey-based provider of telepsychiatry assistance to alter access to quality behavioral health care through innovative technology applications. The company’s services include assessment, screening, diagnosis, consultations, and medication management, which can implemented and executed in various settings, enabling hospitals to provide convenient, affordable, and readily accessible mental health services to their patients.

Array Behavioral Care was funded $25 million led by CVS Health, which entered Wells Fargo Strategic Capital, Health Velocity Capital, Harbour Point Capital, OCA Ventures, HLM Venture Partners, OSF Healthcare, and other prestigious angel investors.

The company plans to use the budget to rise in new and existing markets through improved service offerings and operations, innovative technology, and new levels of partnership to develop access to high-quality behavioral care.

The Array has consistently been a strong mental health care provider within Aetna’s network. Array uniquely provides psychiatry and therapy across the continuum of care by serving hospitals, clinics, and individuals directly at home. Array will scale faster to give more keys to quality, convenient behavioral care in new and existing markets through improved benefit offerings and procedures, innovative technology, and the development of the training team.

CVS Health Ventures, Managing Partner and co-founder Vijay Patel said Array’s long record in virtual behavioral maintenance and its commitment to quality stand out. In addition, their partnership and investment can enhance entry to these services, which is essential, with the need for mental health services increasing enormously in recent years.

Virtual resolutions can also help psychiatrists, therapists, and other clinicians who are often loaded with excessive administrative work that detracts from the time finished providing direct patient care. At Array, clinicians have a help team of clinical, functional, managerial, and specialized specialists who support providers operating at the top of their licenses, combined with care units, and likewise practice as they would if they were physically present with the patient.

By: K. Tagura

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