Parallel Bio Funded $4.3M to Enable Advancement of Biotechnology through Human Immune System


Parallel Bio, a Cambridge, MA-based Operator of a biotechnology company, intended to design and engineer tools to change how diseases are cured. The company’s platform deploys human immune organoids to rapidly accelerate the discovery and development of immunotherapies, cell therapies, antibody therapies, and vaccines, enabling medical professionals to access novel insights into human biology.

Parallel Bio was funded $4.3 million led by Refactor Capital, with participation from Y Combinator Jeff Dean and other strategic angel investors of Breakout Ventures. The acquisition capital has helped it to establish the viability of its immune-system-in-a-dish venue and accelerate the rate of drug discovery and development—several biotech-focused reserves: and senior executives at global pharmaceutical companies.

CEO Robert DiFazio and chief scientific officer Juliana Hilliard, Parallel Bio has developed a platform replicating the human immune system in a drug discovery and development dish. Parallel Bio’s platform merges immune organoids with artificial intelligence and robotics to uniquely illustrate organoids as people. As a result, its platform is the leading technology of its type to model the immune systems of entire people and the only immune technology that has the needed complexity.

Parallel Bio achieved important scientific and business milestones this year, enabling it to get its immune venue to market to medicine and biotechnology partners.

Zal Bilimoria, the founding partner at Refactor Capital, said Parallel Bio has the idea and technology to cure the disease, which starts entirely through the human body. In addition, it is building a new drug discovery and development platform that upends a century-old support for animal testing. Parallel Bio’s method promises to shave billions of dollars of waste and years of extra waiting from the drug development procedure.

By: K. Tagura

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