Importance of a Business Plan

Before a business is able to commence on its operations, it is important to have some specific details about the business mapped out. This actually varies from size to size as it can be just a few sentences or even take over a hundred pages containing different formal sections, title page and table of content. Basically, a typical business plan has an average page range of 15 – 20 pages and if comprehensive, it should consist of three sections – The business concept, the marketplace and the Financials section. These sections are the further broken down into seven more components which are the business overview or summary of the plan, the business description, market strategies, competition analysis, design and development, operations and management, and financial information. However, it does not matter how long or lengthy a business plan is, what matters is, the level of importance that should be attached to a business plan should be high. In this articles we will be looking at the importance of a business plan

  1. A business plan makes direction of the business clearer

The main purpose of writing a business plan is to have a clear view of the business and what the business’ goals are over a period of time. Being able to have a clear view of the direction in which a business is headed helps understand what needs to be done to achieve progress for the business. Making business direction clearer may include things like business description and its services or details of the ideal target customers of the business.

  1. Planning for the future

Time is a key factor in the development and growth of a business and a business plan can effectively take time into factor to make forecasts on possible market changes, market trends and new innovations or directions to go through as the business progresses. Having a clear direction helps a business know how and where to start from but future planning helps to have an idea of what the business’ goals should be.

  1. Funding or financing purposes

A business plan, a comprehensive one, helps determine the viability of a business in terms of profit. By putting statistics, figures, detailed plans and facts in writing, it will be easier to convince an investor to fund the business.

  1. Attract people to join the business

A business plan is all a business owner needs to bring in partners, executive level employees or even secure supplier accounts. With a business plan, anybody who might be interested in the business can get the needed conviction and see the potential of the business and consequently become a part of it.

  1. Effectively manage the business

With a business plan, the organization is well structured and each management position gets their role mapped out. A business plan also makes it possible to monitor the progress of the business and check if the business is well on its course to meeting up with targets, operational milestones and goals.

The importance of a business plan is not limited to these specific points. A Business plan can also help you achieve other goals such as establishing  new avenues of product development, securing suppliers and defining alternative marketing strategies to engage customers. It is an important tool for every business owners and should not be taken for granted.   

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