Attracting Equity Partners for Strategic Success

Two of the main reasons an entrepreneur or business may want to attract equity partners for business funding are: 1) to fund a particular project, or 2) to fund general business operations for the purpose of advancing the goals established in the strategic plan. It is critical that you precisely define your reason for needing additional investment dollars to insure that you target the investors most likely to fund your financial needs.

When you talk about funding a particular project, the word “project” takes on a broad meaning. A new project can include introducing a new product line to the marketplace or buying another company that sells products or services that will enhance your current company market position. A new project can also include expanding sales into foreign markets or expanding production.  Also qualifying as a new project would be the acquisition of equipment that will strengthen the company’s ability to meet customer demand.

On the other hand, equity partners may also agree to fund company operations based on a long-term strategic plan. Instead of a finite project, the investors may agree to provide startup funding for a new business that is equivalent to venture capital. Unlike most venture capital and business loans though, the equity partners will take part ownership of the company and participate in the management of the business.

Minority or Majority Ownership

What makes equity partners different from other types of investors like angel investors or venture capital is that the institutional or private equity investors will require a share in the ownership of the business (thus the use of the term ‘equity’). When the equity partners invest in a project, they will remain business owners usually up to the point the project is completed and the expected returns have been earned.  In these types of funding arrangements, the equity partners are often willing to take a minority ownership share.

When the equity partners offer business funding for general strategic operations, the requirements often include taking a majority share in the company. This makes sense if you consider that the equity investors are putting cash into the company with the expectation operational expansion or revisions will lead to higher profits in the future. The longer term nature of this type of funding naturally means the equity partners will want to control operating activity.

In the final analysis, it is clear that there are equity partners willing to consider almost any type of business financial need including startup funding.  One of the steps a business should always take when preparing a request for funding is to consider the various investment alternatives including business loans or angel investors that can fund the type of activities whether they are project based or based on strategic operations. If searching for equity partners is the best option, the business plan will be written to make it as attractive as possible to that particular type of potential investors.

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