Isaac Health Funded $5.7M to Advance Virtual Brain Health and Dementia Care


Isaac Health is a NYC-based provider of digitally enabled dementia care designed for brain health and cognitive care. The company’s platform improves quality, experience, and MLR by increasing diagnosis rates and giving patients better access to specialist care and management. It offers prevention of memory and cognitive decline, diagnosis of mental conditions, and management and monitoring of cognitive conditions, enabling hospitals to screen, diagnose, and treat dementia.

Isaac Health was funded $5.7 million, led by prominent investors. Meridian Street Capital and B Capital with participation from Primetime Partners, Co-Found Partners, VU Venture Partners, and angel investors from AirAngels.

The investment will be instrumental in accelerating the company’s mission to revolutionize the delivery of dementia care through innovative virtual solutions.

Isaac Health’s platform combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence and telehealth capabilities to offer personalized and accessible care for individuals affected by neurological conditions.

Isaac Health’s virtual platform provides users comprehensive tools to assess, monitor, and manage brain health. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to analyze various data, including cognitive assessments, lifestyle factors, and medical history, to generate personalized care plans tailored to everyone’s unique needs.

The infusion of capital will scale up Isaac Health’s operations, expanding access to its virtual brain health and dementia care services. This includes further development of the platform’s features, such as advanced diagnostic capabilities, improved user interfaces, and integration with wearable devices to enhance real-time monitoring.

The funding round attracted participation from several strategic investors with healthcare, technology, and impact investing expertise. The strong backing from these investors underscores the confidence in Isaac Health’s innovative approach to addressing the growing challenges posed by dementia and related neurological conditions.

As the world grapples with an aging population, the demand for effective and scalable solutions for dementia care continues to rise. Isaac Health’s virtual brain health platform is well-positioned to meet this demand, offering a holistic and tech-driven approach to improve the lives of individuals affected by cognitive disorders.

By: K. Tagura

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