Stony Creek Colors Funded $4.8M to Develop the Proprietary Technology for Natural Plant Dyes


Stony Creek Colors is a Springfield, TN-based developer of dyes technology designed to offer bio-based dyes for the textile industry. The company’s technology provides clean and safe natural dyes that replace the hazardous chemicals currently used in the supply chains, enabling the textile and fashion industries to give their consumers access to environmentally conscious premium products.

Stony Creek Colors was funded $4.8 million led by some strategic angel investors in Lewis & Clark AgriFood and Levi Strauss & Co. The company will use the capital further to grow its farming infrastructure and the dye extraction procedure to bring regenerative solutions to farmers and the textile industry.

Sarah Bellos, Founder and CEO of Stony Creek Colors. The company remains the only industrial-scale manufacturer globally of 100% bio-based indigo, as permitted by the USDA BioPreferred Program. Its vertically-integrated prototype allows full traceability-down to the farm level–that brands and consumers trust.

Since its inception, the company has grown, reaped, and processed its proprietary indigo sorts on over 500 acres of farmland via its repeatable and expandable farmer production model. The company’s natural indigo procedure fixes nitrogen and catches more carbon than it uses, boosting environmental progress for the farms where the crops are produced.

In complement to farming supply chain integrations, Stony Creek Colors is known for its innovations in current dye applications and customer point-of-use for this natural chemistry. Earlier this year, Stony Creek Colors publicly established IndiGold®, the first plant-derived, pre-reduced indigo for denim mills, with global metier chemicals leader Archroma.

Stony Creek Colors’ vertically-integrated technology eliminates the significant documented inefficiencies in plant-based indigo production. To authorize a high-purity dye appropriate for its industrial denim mill customers while showing a soil health-enriching and favorable climate chemical that fits well into farmers’ annual crop rotations. Stony Creek is increasing accessibility of renewable color chemistries as demand for plant-based innovations rises in the fashion and textile demands.

By: K. Tagura

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