Gravitics Funded $20M to Develop Future-Generation Aerospace Units for Humans


Gravitics a Seattle, WA-based developer of aerospace stations designed to form the building blocks for human life in space. The company manufactures space station modules with interfacing options, space armor, and shipyard-style fabrication, enabling clients to execute their outer aerospace missions.

Gravitics was funded $20 million conducted by Type One Ventures, with other participants from Draper Associates, FJ Labs, The Venture Collective, Giant Step Capital, Helios Capital, angel investors in Gaingels, Spectre, Manhattan West, and Mana Ventures. The company plans to use funds to expand operations and its development efforts.

The company founded in 2021 and headed by CEO Colin Doughan. Gravitics is developing the StarMax™, a flexible-use aerospace station module. The StarMax module delivers up to 400 cubic meters of functional habitable volume – nearly half the significance of the International Space Station in one module. StarMax’s lineage of modules is consistent with launching on any of the following generation takeoff vehicles, including ULA’s Vulcan, and SpaceX’s Starship, Blue Origin’s New Glenn.

From an investor perspective, Tarek Waked, Type One founding partner and Gravitics board member, said his company noticed numerous underlying trends supporting the company’s future vision.

The exact margin that Gravitics is making is not as a space station operator. Rather than compete with other companies, Gravitics wants to be their core supplier. Gravitics is seeking to complete the ongoing needs of these stations once they are operational. Also, meeting organic demand that the company is betting on will emerge as costs for launching cargo and crew drop.

The company has already begun assembly of its first StarMax prototype. It is equipped to operate module pressure tests in early 2023, with projects for an upcoming orbital test mission to be announced soon.

By: K. Tagura

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