Parallel Learning Funded $20M to Scale Up Technology of Learning Assessment Platform for Students


Parallel Learning is an NYC-based startup that develops of learning assessment platform created to analyze and empower students with learning differences. The company specializes in virtual neurodevelopmental reviews and support services for conditions such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and executive dysfunction while delivering the resources and motivation to perform in the classroom, thereby helping students get to the root of their issues and build confidence.

Parallel Learning was funded $20 million led by Tiger Global with participation from Obvious Ventures, Barry Sternlich’s JAWS, and existing individual angel investors of Vine Ventures. The new funding will let Parallel scale-up, as a tech platform it’s more comfortable. They still need to scout new psychologists, speak with new school districts, and continue working on and sustaining the product itself.

The company started when it became clear that a new approach needed in the assessment and therapy space. In past years, if a kid required an assessment, they got it, and then they got the tutoring or accommodation suggested.

The number of kids qualifying for special education has increased in recent years, and districts have struggled to keep up with the assessments, let alone the particular teaching load this growing cohort needs.

As a result, parents may wait half a year before a child can be given an official diagnosis or advice, and all that time, they may be working on reading, keeping up in class, or relating to their peers. And that before the pandemic, these same numbers, along with comorbidities like depression and anxiety, shot up even higher.

Parallel’s assistance goes beyond initial psychological evaluations to deliver continuing help to students, including skill-based tutoring, executive function coaching, behavioral therapy, and speech and language therapy. In addition, services are available directly to families and school districts as part of the company’s enterprise offering.

The company standard is specific and not different from how agencies and psychologists work already, but with the extra tech-enabled streamlining of paperwork and scheduling. And then, of course, there’s the advantage of not driving anywhere to get or provide the services.

The mission of Parallel Learning is to perform hand-in-hand with school communities and families to provide the most high-quality developmental services to students across the nation. With twenty percent of children challenged by learning and thinking distinctions, they intended to offer permanent, practical, and reasonable solutions to help those learners succeed in and out of the classroom.

By: K. Tagura

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