BioAge Funded $90M for Developing Treatments in Human Longevity


BioAge, Richmond, CA-based biotechnology company developing medicines to treat aging and aging-related diseases.

BioAge was funded $90 million in a Series C financing. Andreessen Horowitz and serial entrepreneur and angel investor Elad Gil led the investment. It included new investors: Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, AARP Foundation and Phi-X Capital, and Mostafa Ronaghi. Existing investors, including Caffeinated Capital, Redpoint Ventures, Pear Ventures, AME Cloud Ventures, Felicis Ventures, and others, also participated.

The first wave of longevity industry companies to reach clinical trials and large funding rounds focuses on the well-established methodology of small molecule development. Many are also platform companies that have developed approaches to speed up the expensive and time-consuming tasks of screening and designing small molecules.

Except for the small molecule senolytics companies, these treatments presently epitomize what the SENS Research Foundation folk would call “messing with metabolism,” a low alternative to targeting and fixing underlying aging causes.

This was messing with metabolism, usually finding a molecule that can provoke cells to undertake some repair and maintenance mechanisms that occur in response to exercise, calorie restriction, heat, cold, toxins, and other stresses. The outcomes in mice are usually no better than the benefits resulting from exercise or calorie restriction.

BioAge, the company leverages a platform that identifies crucial drug targets by using datasets to identify age-related pathology’s molecular drivers. BioAge’s list of therapies targeting these key pathways will focus on an aging population’s significant unmet medical needs.

Dr. Rubin, an expert biopharmaceutical drug developer, brings comprehensive experience from early discovery, late-stage development, and the latest drug approvals across a wide variety of beneficial areas in global geographies.

Dr. Rubin said that he thrilled to be leading the BioAge clinical development team. The first two drugs from our pipeline are ready to begin Phase 2 trials in indications targeting serious conditions in elderly populations that presently have no excellent therapeutic options.

An essential aspect of their strategy is to initiate efficient human clinical trials that will demonstrate that their drugs can address age-related deficiencies in acute conditions, which may expedite approval and serve as a gateway to treating chronic diseases, resulting in healthy aging.

By: K. Tagura

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