Take Someone to Lunch: The Importance of Talking to an Expert Before Starting a New Business

Conversations are very important for people. And this is more important if you are someone who is planning to start a new business. For would-be entrepreneurs, keep in mind that nothing can match the value of wisdom that you could obtain from someone who has experience in the field that you would be entering. Therefore, taking someone to lunch – especially those who have knowledge on what you want to do – is a must if you are thinking about starting your new business.

In the United States, hundreds of entrepreneurs are joining millions who have taken a plunge into the world of business ownership. Unfortunately, however, not everyone knows how to swim.

Perhaps you are excited about what you are planning to do. But are you really ready for this? Ask yourself, do you know all the things that you have to do? If your answer is not a resounding yes, then it’s better for you to take step back and think through things. After all, you would not want to drown, do you?

This is where “taking someone to lunch” comes into action. In the real world, if you don’t know how to swim, you talk to someone who knows how to. You might even look for someone who can train you.

In the world of entrepreneurs, this is not very different. If you don’t know what to do, then talk to people who are knowledgeable in the field or industry that you want enter. For instance, if you are planning to start a coffee shop, then you have to do your best to talk with the best coffee shop entrepreneurs in the country. Seek the best in the industry and ask them for advice.

The question, however, is whether or not a possible competitor would you everything that you need to know. In fact, it’s possible that they won’t. To avoid this, seek the help of entrepreneurs who are operating in places that you never plan to operate into. Look for the best in the industry in another state or city, for instance. By doing this, you are increasing your chances of learning more from this expert.

Try approach every single entrepreneur in the industry and ask for advice. More importantly, try to take to lunch those who are really successful in the field. Of course not everyone will help you, but one of them might do so.

Once you are able to invite them to lunch, you might want to consider doing these things.

1. Getting their advice on how to formulate a workable business plan that will ensure the success of your business;

2. Offering the possibility of a future partnership between the two of you; and

3. Asking them for possible contact details of other resource people that can help you in your business.

So before starting your new business, ask yourself – should I invite someone to lunch first?


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