Eze Funded $3.7M to Supercharge Marketplace Technology Infrastructure


Eze is a San Francisco, CA-based operator of a B2B marketplace designed to buy and sell electronic commodities. The company’s marketplace connects telecommunication and global electronic wholesalers. It allows them to trade devices in wholesale quantities with real-time market data, enabling users to profit from items bought or sold.

Eze was funded $3.7 million in seed funding. The funding round was led by Right Side Capital Management, with participation from C2 Ventures, Boro Capital, EVPI Investments, and other angel investors. Eze aims to transform how businesses build and manage their marketplace technology infrastructure by providing comprehensive solutions that streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and optimize performance. With this new injection of funds, the company is poised to accelerate the development and expansion of its groundbreaking technologies, propelling it to the forefront of the industry.

The seed funding will bolster Eze’s research and development efforts, enabling the company to refine its existing infrastructure solutions and pioneer breakthroughs. Eze plans to invest heavily in hiring top-tier talent, fostering a team of experts with diverse skill sets to fuel innovation and drive its ambitious vision forward.

The company’s proprietary platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services, allowing businesses to design, deploy, and manage their infrastructure across various cloud environments effortlessly.

The additional funding will also be instrumental in strengthening Eze’s go-to-market strategy, enabling the startup to reach a wider audience and forge strategic partnerships with industry leaders. By forging alliances with key players, Eze aims to establish itself as the go-to solution for organizations seeking reliable, scalable, and efficient infrastructure management solutions.

The rapid digitization of businesses across various sectors has underscored the critical importance of robust and scalable technology infrastructure. As companies continue to navigate the complexities of the digital era, Eze’s forward-thinking approach and its commitment to innovation positions it as a promising contender in the technology infrastructure space.

With the successful completion of this seed funding round, Eze is now well-equipped to pursue its ambitious roadmap and solidify its position as a leader in infrastructure development. As the company continues refining its cutting-edge solutions, the industry eagerly anticipates the impact Eze will make in transforming how organizations build and manage their technology infrastructure.

By: K. Tagura

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