Telgorithm Funded $3.8M to Develop the New Messaging Platform Globally

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Telgorithm cloud communications technology startup based in Los Angeles, CA. Their messaging platform is intended to simplify business communication and compliance for vertical SaaS companies. The company uses an A2P (application-to-person) compliant application to fulfill clients’ messaging services needs without disruption, enabling the clients to get guaranteed deliverability and higher messaging throughput.

Telgorithm was funded $3.8M led by Bonfire Ventures with Daher Capital, Amplify.LA, other structural angel investors, and I2BF. Fresh seed funding will support the California-based tech startup addressing the exploding need from SaaS verticals to construct messaging services into their software applications.

Today, Telgorithm delivers hosted messaging services that let SaaS providers bring text messaging to their essence for an Application to Person (A2P) messaging via a standard 10-digit-long code (10DLC) and toll-free telephone numbers.

Jim Andelman, the managing director of Bonfire Ventures, said, Telgorithm enables SaaS vendors to deliver more importance to their end customers and drive superior business performance. It’s a huge market opportunity. They love that the founders previously worked together and brought very similar products to market for the exact use-case, so here is simply off the charts. They are very excited to be supporting Telgorithm and these founders as the company grows.

Alter spent nearly five years as the head of ServiceTitan’s telecommunications division and worked as director of telecommunications for SignalWire. In the last few years, mobile operators insisted that commercial messaging move from P2P to A2P because the volume completed it difficult for carriers to protect their end-users from unwanted messages.

Co-Founder and COO Mason Zheng, a veteran business processes consultant and former manager for ServiceTitan, and other top organizations said. Telgorithm’s platform aims to race up a product manager’s go-to-market journey by getting a new level of attainability to SaaS verticals looking to offer telecom features that can easily be integrated into their core applications.

Telgorithm’s objective is to launch a voice product to help SaaS providers accelerate their go-to-market journey across the communication stack. As a result, product managers aren’t spending 12-18 months figuring out the building blocks to get a product to market.

By: K. Tagura

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