Dash System Funded $8M for Automated Airdrop Cargo


DASH System, a Los Angeles-based technology company, is developing hardware and software to enable precision airdrop cargo deliveries.

DASH System was funded $8 million in Seed funding, the investment led by 8VC with Tusk Venture Partners, Loup Ventures, Trust Ventures, Perot Jain, and Mila Capital. 

The company will use the finance to grow its track in air cargo logistics and freight. By improving technology and hardware that allow for accuracy of airdrop deliveries to rural.  Train flying partners to safely and accurately launch cargo to all parts of the world and Increase partnerships with U.S. government entities to deliver cargo to rural parts of the world.

This company relies on three parts: flight control software, automated aircraft cargo handling systems, and the smart-cargo pods that allow for accurate and soft landings of packages. It’s that third step that Joel Ifill, founder, and CEO of Dash, thought could improved. With engineering knowledge and experience building guided bombs for the military, he felt an opportunity to apply some military’s point-to-point approach to the commercial sector.

DASH’s system inspired by defense technology and is a modern update to a longstanding and legal practice of airdrops repurposed for commercial and humanitarian use. DASH’s flight control software maps the delivery route. It commands the pilot on how to fly, simplify, and streamline the method. Suppose the aircraft arrives at the correct spot. In that case, DASH’s aircraft cargo handling system immediately issues the smart-cargo pods, which land securely and softly at the desired location. This approach falls within existing FAA regulations and has supported proof-of-concept tests in disaster relief and extensive use in the defense industry.

Jake Medwell, Founding Partner at 8VC, said DASH Systems solves delivering business packages at a section of both the cost and speed of standard services. Incredibly active in the logistics industry and several largest partners are excited to work with DASH. They have already on top engineers and talent quickly join the DASH team, which is an early sign that things are working and significant problems solved.

The company has been actively working with the Air Force Special Operations Command to develop a hyper-accurate airdrop tool for small payload deliveries. It plans to launch pilot operations in rural Alaska next year.

By: K. Tagura

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