The risks of family-funded startups

Funding remains one of the most pressing problems faced by business startup owners. More often than not, entrepreneurs find themselves thinking where they would get that money that would help them establish their respective businesses. And while there are a lot of funds available out there for business startups, the reality is that not all entrepreneurs get the financial support coming from angel investors or venture capitalists.

In the end, a lot of business owners who need financial backing rely on the easiest source of funds that they can think of – their family and friends. Initially, this idea is seen as a very good solution to the money problem. After all, relatives and friends are often seen as best people who can support someone who has started his or her own business. But is it really wise to ask your relatives or friends to invest in your business? For most experts, the answer is no.

Entrepreneurs are often advised that they should never mix their personal lives with their professional ones. Doing so would often result in problems concerning the overall performance of the business. A lot of professional entrepreneurs believe that asking for investments from family and friends are not good for the business due to the risks that could lead to serious relationship problems.

Business startups are not always successful. In fact, some studies note that only 25 percent of startups actually expand and become successful. For the remaining 75 percent, it means failure – and loss of lots of money. Such events, while usual for seasoned investors, are not often experienced by your relatives and friends. Unless they are fully aware of the risks, relatives and friends should not be asked for financial investments in business startups.

Moreover, rifts between those involve in the business can arise once the startup begins expansion. With the entry of secondary and more professional investors, the issue of profit often becomes a sore point.

History shows that a lot of businesses failed because of the problems arising between family members. Thus, business startup owners are advised not to get their family and friends involved in their businesses if they have other alternative to get financial resources.


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