5 Characteristics Of A Successful Startup

Hundreds, if not thousands, of startups and growth companies are established in the United States each year. And with the rise in their number came the increase of articles that cover every single detail concerning this market. Many of these articles provide tips and other useful information for startup owners. Some articles, for instance, outline things that would-be entrepreneurs must avoid doing. Some, on the other hand, list a number of signs that signal the possible collapse of a startup.

This article is not too different. But instead of showing the negative signs that signal the failure of a company, it opts to enumerate the opposite. Here are five characteristics that signal the apparent success of a startup:

Presence of steady customers

This is very important. Failure to have a steady line of customers who are willing to pay for the products or services spells doom for any company. Thus, before establishing a startup, would-be entrepreneurs are urged to the study their respective markets. Are there enough customers who will sustain the business in the long run? Will the products or services validate the assumptions of the customers about the startup? What will entice the initial customers to return and avail (or re-avail) the products or services?

These are just some of the things that owners must know before starting a company. The point is, the presence of a steady line of paying customers is the most important sign that will signal the success of any startup.

Have clear objectives and strategies

The most successful companies know what they are doing. It’s as simple as that. Startups that operate in panic or simply survive because of instinct will most likely fail. In order to survive and be successful, would-be entrepreneurs must have a solid agenda and a well-thought of strategy. Having a list of objectives, goals, and vision assure that the company will never go astray.

Cautious and Thrifty

The increase in the number of startups and growth companies may be attributed to one thing – the rise in the number of institutions that offer early stage credit or other forms of financial support. Because of the availability of funds, a number of startup owners tend to forget that the one of the purposes of having a company is to earn money. One must never forget that the ability to conserve early stage funds is an important characteristic of a startup that will surely succeed.


It’s understandable for some companies to operate in secret. Coca-Cola and other popular brands, for instance, heavily guard the contents of their respective secret formula or recipes.

And while it is reasonable to keep some things out of the public eye, having too much secret may jeopardize any company. Startup owners must consider the implications of keeping too much from the employees and customers. People tend to get suspicious, especially when there are a lot of question marks surrounding the business. This is definitely not a good way to start a company.

Effective Communication

Finally, companies that exhibit effective communication not only with the customers but also with the employees are bound to succeed. After all, communication is the key to a harmonious working relationship. Owners must realize that communication is not just about sharing positive news concerning the company. It’s also about conversations on problems and challenges that are being faced by the startup. Effective communication in a company, in a nut shell, is about professional people talking about the truth and nothing but the truth.

Unless there are cataclysmic events that would affect the operations of the company, any startup exhibiting these five signs will surely succeed.



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