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Everyone Deserves a Stylist

Everyone Deserves a St...

Our dream is to make shopping pleasurable and painless for busy men and women. We would love to save you valuable time and money as we help you dress better, courtesy of our stylists.

Minneapolis, MN
Amount $200,000
Ideal Real Estate Marketing Firm

Ideal Real Estate Mark...

SKP Homes is an online real estate marketing site formed to help owners in efficient property disposition and to guide home buyers and investors in finding the right property that match their budget and need.

Philadelphia, PA
Amount $2,000,000
Portable Pocket Speaker

Portable Pocket Speaker

A new design innovation has come your way. A speaker that is compatible for every gadget you have. Smart phones, tablets, ipod, and even your TV. Rechargeable and very compact.

Chicago, IL
Amount $200,000
Smart Phone Translator App

Smart Phone Translator...

Necto Translator has developed a new App that will take your language skills to the next level. Wherever you are in the world you can communicate in every language you like with this new translator app, you will not get lost for words.

Phoenix, AZ
Amount $12,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why are they called angel investors?

A. When loans, financial institutions, and other sources of funding turn their backs on unproven business startups, this is where angel investors come. They are individuals or companies of investors with tremendous liquid assets working to provide funds to aid startups and small venture capitalists with funding to materialize their risky business ideas. Moreover, angel investors provide advice, monitoring to operations and connections aside from the funds. Angel investors usually are wealthy individuals who engage in risky, unproven business startups, hence they are referred to as “angels”.

Q2. What is a good ROI for angel investors?

In a usual setup, some expert Angel Investors usually anticipate less than a 20-50% rate of returns for their angel investments. This percentage range is the ideal figure for a person that is aiming to raise investment capital to communicate to Angel Investors.

The internal rate of return, or simply rate of return, for every kind of unique investors including; angel investor, venture capital, angel capital, angel investment, business owners, angel financing, angel investors investments, venture capitalists, investment network, accredited investors, venture capital firms, angel investing or any angel financing for companies that are in the starting operations and seasoned businesses longing to raise fair private equity as part of goals to accomplish is obliged to have an excellent business plan. The business plan must contain an executive summary that effectively relays strategies and plans for a great business projection. Other important matters to consider before any prospective investor can evaluate the rate of return for their investments are pre-money valuation and seed capital association. However, it is not the most important and game-changing process in the field of business administration. It is the evident impact investment to materialize the business and the surge of value and ownership equity the business possesses in relation to the capital. Another powerful arsenal to gauge the rate of returns is unique business ideas in relation to business venture development, especially those that are aiming to dominate the market share for potential customers that truly disrupt competition. One of the primary virtues whether investing in startup businesses or seasoned businesses is due diligence to prevent other mistakes entrepreneurs make and prevent loss of money. The signing of a non-disclosure agreement and the review of the necessary legal documents by your legal team are also important matters to consider before negotiating the rate of return for angel capital in hopes to improve your private equity. It should also be the priority of the management team to keep track of the negotiations. They should always be vigilant to maintain a balance of looking up to the accredited investor’s money interest and how it is evaluated with other startup businesses in regards to their entrepreneurial undertakings. Having your management team monitor angel investors' investments could be challenging but the benefits will surely be rewarding in the long run.

Q3. How do you negotiate with angel investors?

A. The usual setup in the industry is that the professional angel Investors will accumulate a 20% minimum to 50% maximum of the company in regards to their funding. While this is the standard setup that is present in the usual cap table, one thing that business owners can negotiate is the amount they receive as dividends. If there are reservations on your part as a business owner and you perceive that the person presenting as an angel Investor is asking for too much of a percentage, then you should not hesitate to negotiate right after the first management team's offer was given. It is also essential that you should clearly understand the terms of the possible impact investment, weigh the pros and cons, consult your family and friends, conduct research in search engines or social media platforms, and check the details before signing into an agreement and become part of angel investors investments.

Q4. Do angel investors invest in ideas?

A. Business ideas that seem feasible, with an effective business administration mission and timetable, experienced angel investors will perceive it as sensible and might consider it their priority to make an investment. If the business plan is clear, concise, and understandable it could be very appealing to active angel investors. The transactions these active angel investors enter are solely based on trust to use their money as means of funds to improve ownership equity and provide bountiful results. Of course, it is certain, that these investors require signs of potential and proof that you will be able to deliver the promised return by presenting a reliable cap table or ensure successful exits.

Q5. Why do angel investors invest in startups?

A. According to some related articles, diversification of portfolio companies and improvement of investment networks are the main reasons why seed investors or angel funders are interested in investing in startups. Despite entering into a very risky deal, they also perceive this action as a very rewarding course if successful and would appreciate the fact that they are the primary source of funding that the business can rely on. On the other hand, there are those that simply want to improve their investment profile or take part in unveiling new technologies, new business setups, and up-to-date ideas that could range from real estate up to the field of insurance companies.

Q6. What makes a company attractive to angel investors?

A. Companies with a solid business plan and realistic and attainable projections are very appealing to angel investor and venture capital networks. Furthermore, another important factor is the charisma, experience, skills and dedication to the profitability of the founder. If a seed investor finds a certain invention or technology of various founders could be disruptive in the competition, they will also be interested to initiate contact to serve as an addition to their investment profile. At present, many angel funders were drivers of success in Silicon Valley as it is known to be the home to many startup technology and real estate companies that have reached international business status.

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