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Ideal Real Estate Marketing Firm

Ideal Real Estate Mark...

SKP Homes is an online real estate marketing site formed to help owners in efficient property disposition and to guide home buyers and investors in finding the right property that match their budget and need.

Philadelphia, PA
Amount $2,000,000
Everyone Deserves a Stylist

Everyone Deserves a St...

Our dream is to make shopping pleasurable and painless for busy men and women. We would love to save you valuable time and money as we help you dress better, courtesy of our stylists.

Minneapolis, MN
Amount $200,000
Cafe In The Park

Cafe In The Park

ReErDy Cafe does not just serve coffee it has a wide variety of homemade pastries and cakes. It also serves pizza and pasta. Our venue suites your events whether its a seminars, birthdays, wedding or just a simple meeting.

Boston, MA
Amount $300,000
Every bride and groom is unique!

Every bride and groom ...

We’re Elkiona Co., the wedding company that will do anything for love. We’re reinventing the wedding planning and registry experience to make the happiest moment in our couples’ lives.

New York, NY
Amount $300,000

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Sam H
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why are they called angel anvestors?

A. Angel investors are wealthy individuals, or groups of investors working for one company, who provide funds to help entrepreneurs and small businesses with start up funding. They are known as "angels" because they often invest in risky, unproven business startup, whereas other funds such as loans my not be available.

Q2. What is a good ROI for angel investors?

A. Most seasoned Angel Investors will expect no less than 30-50% annual returns for their start up angel investments. This is the ideal range someone seeking to raise investment should aim for in their business plan / pitch and financial projections sent to Angel Investors.

Q3. How do you negotiate with angel investors?

A. Standard industry is Angel Investors will take between a minimum 20% to 50% of the company for their funding. However, the exact amount they receive is negotiable. If you believe that an Angel Investor is asking for too high a percentage, It is better to negotiate after the first soft or hard offer. it is best to also make sure terms are clear and detailed before accepting.

Q4. Do angel investors invest in ideas?

A. It is possible that Angel investors might invest in an idea if it makes sense. Clarity if a must of who could invest in their idea. To Angel Investors is essentially trusting another to take their money and deliver results. Any investor will, most likely, require some level of proof that you are able perform.

Q5. Why do angel investors invest in startups?

A. Investing in a startup is a good way for an Angel Investor to diversify their portfolio to include a high risk and potential good reward. While some angel investors want the opportunities of being part of a new technology, businesses, ideas, and networking.

Q6. What makes a company attractive to angel investors?

A. A great idea/pitch with a solid business plan and projections, the founder's skills and experience, profitablity, a distruptive invention technology, service or product, solid work team, a good offer, good upside potential. These are some of the most common reasons.

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