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WIld Coast Marine
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I believe that due to the current market conditions boating people are always going to want to boat, but they are going to start looking for more fuel efficient ways for them carry on their favorite pastime.We would then place 2 motors of a smaller size. One benefit is for safety if one motor fails the other can bring you home. The second would be that because of the flattened V it will allow for the boat to have much less drag hense we can use smaller motors and still keep up with the other boats.

So this would be our entry into the boat market which will become a very sensitive price point. We are a step ahead of most as the R&D has already been done. So we could started producing boats slowly in the beginning. We would then go to the boat shows and we will gather further traction. Once that happens the main reason fro the smaller boat would be to start the next line of boats paid for by this one. We have full schematics and are currently updating with a few things that would make our 26' Cat hull stand out from the rest. Again the idea of the 26' is to get the average Joe into a boat that is safer than most and can be tailered from a bare bones boat that doesnt take away the safety and useability of the boat. It becomes our entry level. Then we would offer different trim levels and motor sizes etc. But once again by developing what is in R&D at the moment we will be able to use half the size motors and keeping up with the bigger motors but with half the fuel consumption.

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WIld Coast Marine
We able to purchase this mold for a very reasonable price. By doing that we are able to start manufacturing boats straight away.This will pay for the mold of a 26' Cat Hull for the normal man, who cant afford $500k and it will be safer.
Ponte Vedra, Florida