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The future of job search
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Job search is broken. Searching for a position is time-consuming and demoralizing, while recruiting falls short of finding a long-term fit and is expensive for employers. Jolo is a candidate-first approach that will transform the career search landscape by simplifying the user experience.

Jolo allows candidates to tell their stories customizable profiles for a personalized experience. Onboarding is fast and intuitive and instead of firing of resume after resume, with Jolo, users create one profile and we do the work of finding jobs they'll love.

For companies, there's be no software to download, no onboarding costs, no minimum commitments, and you only pay for jobs you post. There are no barriers to start. Companies create a profile for free and when ready to post a job, it is 100% self service. When a company posts a job on Jolo (fast, easy, and intuitive), Jolo immediately presents active candidates who meet the job requirements and match on culture and values. We do the sourcing work, saving countless hours and many thousands of dollars when compared to hiring external recruiting services.

Leveraging innovative algorithms, candidates and companies view profiles in the app and swipe or click on a profile they like based on the criteria they've set. If there's a mutual match, they can start a conversation and even schedule an interview right in the app. It's as easy as that. There's nothing like it on the market.

Utilizing anonymous profiles, we reduce bias and encourage authenticity. Job seekers benefit from a personalized and highly customizable search, and companies benefit from a streamlined and cost-effective sourcing process.

Compare what we do to traditional job boards where companies post a job and hope the right people apply at the right time and everyone goes through the job search dance, hoping that they don't get lost in the 100s or 1000s of applications.

Jolo is faster, better, and more cost-effective. Jolo is worth a try for companies of all sizes, whether to post many or a few jobs, or even just one. We'll be offering promotional pricing for our beta users when we launch.

Everyone wins with Jolo.

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The future of job search
We do the work so you can get to work. Jolo uses innovative algorithms to instantly match job seekers to opportunities based not only on skills and experience but also culture and values. Modern job search for a modern world.
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