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RisticTech(Funding Needed for FITI)
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RIsticTech is a promising Technologies Company with a mission of involving in all modern technologies and Technologies of the future. RisticTech has its base in the two English words "Futuristic" & "Technology".

Currently, RisticTech is a registered entity in Wyoming USA, and registered as a Labs in Delaware USA (Ristic Labs, LLC) for carrying out all Experimental and Production of Ristic Gadgets (Smartwatch, Laptops, etc.)

RisticDAO is a company under registration, this sector is to power the Algorithmic projects related to Blockchain Technology and WEB 3.0.

One of our Primary Product is FITI, FITI stands for Future Innovative Technology Institute with the aim to develop young Technocrats across the globe. FITI will get accredited from nothing less than 20 countries to issue a global recognized certificates to Students of the Institute.

Ristic City is a proposed global headquarters where all Sectors of Ristic related projects would be controlled globally. The city will also be a fully Automated and Innovative community.

RisticTech, Ristic Labs, RisticDAO will work hands in hands to create best Tech ecosystem for Users.

website URL: https://ristictech.io, https://risticdao.com, https://risticlabs.com

All Investors who would fund our projects will have access to their Capital invested and Return on Capital of 30% within 35-48days of investment.

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RisticTech(Funding Needed for FITI)
Ristic is a Startup company registered as a Tech in Wyoming and Labs in Delaware, we are currently in development of our Projects. We currently need investors to invest with our company for 35-48 days with a Return On Capital of 30%.
Cheyenne, WY