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Redefining Learning with Trauma
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New Hope Advocacy and Nova Learning Center are working to redefine education for the youth of our society.

We need help to continue developing a program that allows children to receive intensive therapeutic services to address mental illness, trauma, and learning disabilities while educating the whole child for a lifetime of success.

The extensive services we provide at-risk youth are not offered in public or charter schools. These children need to overcome traumatic childhood experiences including juvenile delinquency, abuse, neglect, child trafficking, suicide attempts, and homelessness, etc., in addition to learning at a level far below their peers. The impact of trauma on the brain during the critical stages of development has led to the inability to effectively reason, rationalize, or think; thereby learn, in a traditional school environment. The result of trauma often manifests in severe acting-out or violent behaviors, anti-social skills, and severe educational failure. Isolation, lack of education, and domestic effects from COVID quarantine, have left our youth feeling more desperate and hopeless than ever before.

Your donation will provide an individualized therapeutic learning environment to these children and give them hope for a brighter future. Your donations will provide therapy, educational remediation, functional life skills, social skills, reduced juvenile delinquency, and hope for this generation of children, and for the future of our nation. Your contribution, it truly does make a difference in the life of a child!

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Redefining Learning with Trauma
Public education is failing children who suffer trauma and are in the justice system. We have developed a data-driven system to give hope to them. Our unique program doesn't qualify for public funding and we need your help to save them.
Phoenix, Arizona