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The Paraclete Companies were all started by Tim D'Annunzio. The first was Paraclete Armor and Equipment Inc., a Body Armor Manufacturing Company currently owned by Point Blank Body Armor. After Tim spent eight years in the Army as a Golden Knight (the U.S. Army's official Parachute Demonstration and Competition Team), as a Military Free Fall Instructor, as an Infantryman, as a Parachute Rigger, and after his service, worked for Martin-Marietta (then a sub-contractor to Lockheed) at the Kennedy Space Center where he worked on the Parachutes for the Space Shuttle, he started a cut-and-sew business that became Paraclete Amor and Equipment. In 2006, after he built Paraclete Armor into the premier Body Armor of the U.S. Military's Special Operations Forces (based on several of his patented innovations), he sold it (PAE) to MSA (Mine Safety Appliances), a multi-billion-dollar protective equipment company (for 32 million; real money at that time). Tim used some of those funds to build Paraclete XP SkyVenture, which was then the largest and most advanced indoor skydiving (vertical wind tunnel) training facility in the world, which it remains today in the U.S. Its revenues from its opening until now have remained steady at over 3 million a year. Ten years ago (2014), he (and his five children who work with him) took over the operation of the local drop zone, leasing the entire airport (P.K. Airpark founded in 1968 by Gene Paul Thacker, another former Golden Knight) and acquired the business assets, including its three aircraft. Several years before, he started Paraclete Aviation LLC when he purchased several aircraft and rented a hangar at P.K. to service customers (military and civilian) that came to the wind tunnel to train. He took over the business after the founder (Gene Paul) passed away. Since that time, he's purchased several (seven) additional aircraft more suited to (be contracted for) military use, while also selling off two of the original D.Z. planes. At the time of the purchase the D.Z.'s revenues were about 1.5 million a year. Since he's taken over, he's increased revenue to over five million a year (which there stagnated when COVID hit). The companies have bank debt in the amount of 14 million (on the wind tunnel and aircraft, which are valued at well over 25 million). This variable rate debt, the doubling of our interest rates, has precipitated our seeking to take the company public, to replace it (debt) with equity investment. By this same means, we seek to raise another 20 million for growth through building, merger, or aquation of others in our space. The story is much more detailed than this synopsis, and Tim would love to tell it to anyone interested.

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Paraclete LLCs
Paraclete is the Premier trainer for the world's elite military and civilian free-fall professionals. We are also open to those just looking for a fun and exhilarating experience. We seek to replace debt with equity investment, and M&A.
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