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Medical scrub store seeking capital
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Scrub Hub is a family-owned business passed down from father to son. Located in Fort Worth for over fifteen years, Scrub Hub recently moved into the heart of the medical district of Fort Worth. We have seen customer loyalty since the move this summer, as well as an increase in foot traffic with our new location. We aim to offer all our customers quality scrubs at an affordable price. We carry multiple brands, allowing us to make sure our customers can find what they need.

With scrub uniforms growing in demand, we are looking to expand our inventory, develop a website, and broaden our marketing plan. We have seen scrubs used in the childcare industry, janitorial services, correctional facilities, and continued use in the dental and veterinary industries. With such a diverse range of careers, we want to offer our customers the best options. This includes accessories such as shoes, compression socks, badge reels, stethoscopes, and so much more.

With the help of capital, we would launch our website, which would be directly connected to our POS system. The Uniform Solutions, our POS system, is integrated with the larger vendors in the industry. TUS allows us to order, track, and load inventory all in one place. Having a website for customers to order directly from us or the vendor would only increase our profit. We would be available nationwide for customers to order.

Lastly, our marketing plan would be implemented with the capital as well. Using the USPS carrier routes, we would drop postcards to the local zip codes, reaching our demographic consumers directly. Next would be bolstering our social media reach. Scheduling ads during peak online hours and even creating ads posted to websites.

As Scrub Hub grows, we hope to open multiple locations across the DFW area. Moving to each medical district within Dallas, North Fort Worth, Plano, Denton, Burleson, and many more. Opening in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio is in our plans.

Our final goal with Scrub Hub is to create our own scrub line. We need to secure the materials, designs, and logo to guarantee the quality of our customers' uniforms. We have exciting plans for the future of Scrub Hub and hope you will join us in this adventure.

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Medical scrub store seeking capital
Scrub Hub is a family-owned business located in the medical district of Fort Worth. We are seeking capital to help expand our business by creating a website and increasing our marketing and inventory.
Fort Worth, Texas