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I am Bruce R.Goldman, CEO and Founder of LV Tech LLC. The company owns the Domain name of lvtechnow.com. I founded this company on the basis of efficiency and cost savings for the hotel industry as well as the assisted living ciommunities, two industries utilizing the same essential equipment phone systems, surveillance / security system and door lock systemes as well as othe miscellaneous low voltage systems used in properties of this nature. THe concept of lvtech is to bring the service and maintencance of these sytems into the 23st century in sucha a fshion as these properties becime more efficient through maintenaince cost reductions crearting a greater bottom line for the operators and a more desirable experience for the patrons. Our business model is based on an ON Demand concpet of Maintenaince scheduling thus we created an app which is licensed by the hotel and property owners for the purpsose of ordering service calls as needed. Ou app guarantees a certifierd technician will be at th subject property within 90 minutes and complete all service calls withihn a prescribed fashion. We customize the Service Maintenance Agreemnt to the property as ir relates to the quantity of the service calls include per month Our agreements range form1 or 2 calls per month to unlimited with all agreements providing 24/7 coverage for the suibject propoerty thus the reire is no more need to have an on site technicians or any on-call greements where the own is forced to make appointment and pay the curent going rate depending o the demand at the time possibbly paying as much as twice the price our service maintenance Agreement would end up costing the property. All this while waiting for some one to perform the needed service thus creating the possibnility of inconveniencing the guest / resident or taking a room out of commision affecting the revenue of the property. Our business model is a one of a kind with the intenion of becoming the new normal in service maintenance. This new normal is a change which is vital to the sucess of the hospitality industry industry on a world wide basis. Maintenanicnce is on the largest nonrecoverable costs in the hospitslity industry. We are restructuring the way these properties are maintained and creating the future of maintenance in general. We are the future nd the New Normal to come or as it is said WE ARE THE NEW MOUSE TRAP IN THE SERVICE MAINTENANCE COMMUNITY.

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We have reinvented the concept of service and maintenance of low voltage equipment in the hotel and assisted living industries. We have designed a new and advanced approach to this maintenance creating huge savings for the operator
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