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Aneira Pharma, Inc. has two products in development. One is a topical hair growth product and the other product is an eyebrow growth product. Both products completed a successful Phase I and eyebrow has completed a Phase II trial. Both products are very efficacious and all information thus far shows they are safe. Both products are currently on the market in some states in the USA through a telehealth platform and will be on sale in all 50 states by the end of 2024. We plan to use the revenue from sales in the United States to pursue clinical trials around the world. We have a lot of interest from major players in the pharmaceutical and beauty industry and are pursuing partnerships in various regions around the world. We have 9 issued US patents, a granted European patent and patents pending in 75 countries. The patent life goes out to at least 2040. Both products are game changers in the topical hair growth market and eyebrow growth market. Both products will be very profitable. We are looking for additional funds to ramp up manufacturing to be able to meet demand so there are no supply chain issues as the demand for the products increase. We have raised about $4 million so far and it is our hope that funding from product sales will mean we will not be seeking additional equity investors after this round. This is a great and limited opportunity to invest in a product with a great future. We do not plan to accept additional investors after this funding round is completed. We can provide a lot more information and clinical data to serious investors.

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Invest in commercial stage company!
Topical hair growth product for both scalp and eyebrows is being launched in the United States through telehealth. The product has undergone some clinical trials and is superior in efficacy to any topical hair growth product available.
San Diego, California