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Introducing MyArea Live
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MyArea, a groundbreaking local
business reviewing app that is poised to transform the way communities connect and engage with
businesses. I believe that MyArea presents an exceptional investment opportunity with tremendous
growth potential in the evolving digital landscape.
MyArea is designed to empower users to discover, review, and engage with local businesses effortlessly.
Here are the key features and benefits that set MyArea apart:

1. Geolocation-Based Listings and Real-Time Reviews: MyArea utilizes Google Cloud Services to
automatically display a curated list of local businesses based on a user's geolocation. Users can leave
reviews that instantly appear on the live feed, allowing nearby users to read and view them, including
photos and videos. This real-time interaction fosters trust and authenticity.

2. Engagement and Monetization: Users can like, comment, and give gifts to reviews they find helpful,
encouraging active engagement within the community. We have implemented a coin store where users
can purchase coins to send gifts to content creators. These gifts are converted into stars, which can be
cashed out and converted into USD. This unique monetization model provides an additional revenue
stream for content creators.

3. Search by Reviews: MyArea introduces an innovative search feature that allows users to find
businesses based on specific keywords within reviews. By typing different words on the review page,
users can discover businesses that align with their interests, enhancing the user experience and driving
targeted traffic to businesses.

4. Nearby Service Page: We have included a dedicated service page where users can advertise their
services. Users can create service posts for free, showcasing their offerings, special offers, and up to 5
photos as examples. Boosting service posts for a nominal fee provides enhanced exposure and increased
visibility, ensuring service providers reach a wider audience.

5. Seamless Communication and Live Streaming: Users can communicate with service providers through
in-app chat or mobile calls, fostering seamless and convenient interactions. MyArea also offers a live
streaming feature, allowing users to stream live while receiving gifts from audiences. These gifts can be
cashed out, creating an additional revenue stream for content creators.

6. Marketplace Section: MyArea features a marketplace where users can post items for sale and
coordinate transactions through in-app chat. This section provides a platform for users to buy and sell
products, expanding the app's functionality and attracting a diverse user base.

7. MyArea Business: Local businesses can claim their company through the MyArea Business app,
facilitating direct communication with customers. By encouraging customers to leave reviews and follow
their business on MyArea, businesses can build customer loyalty and generate valuable feedback.
Monthly subscription options offer additional features, including uploading the company logo onto all
reviews and creating banner or poster ads for enhanced visibility.

8. Community Engagement: MyArea fosters a sense of community by providing a platform for users to
post in various categories such as lost and found, traffic, or safety. This inclusive approach brings people
from diverse backgrounds together, creating a comprehensive community app.

MyArea has a clear revenue model, with potential income streams derived from boosted service posts,
MyArea Business subscriptions, and the coin store. We have conducted extensive market research and
have a strategic plan in place for scaling and expanding into new markets.

I invite you to take part in this exciting opportunity to revolutionize the local business reviewing industry.
Your investment in MyArea will not only support our growth but also enable us to connect businesses
with their communities, empower content creators, and foster economic growth on a local scale.
I would be delighted to provide further details, answer any questions you may have, and discuss how we
can collaborate to make MyArea a resounding success. Please let me know your availability for a call or
meeting at your convenience.
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to the possibility of partnering with you to shape the future
of local business engagement.

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Introducing MyArea Live
MyArea: Local business review app with geolocation-based listings, live feed and reel for reviews, likes, comments, and gifting. Users can buy coins, convert to stars, cash out as USD. Search by reviews, nearby service ads, live streaming
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