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Green Healing: Maine's Future

Meet the Visionaries: Christian Wamsley, a dedicated business partner with a knack for innovative property solutions, joins forces with Mike Dillon, a compassionate cannabis grower with 15 years of experience. Together, they're poised to transform the cannabis landscape in Maine, blending care, quality, and community into every leaf.

The Plan: Our journey begins with the acquisition of two key dispensaries, Company A and B, situated in Maine's vibrant retail spaces. Company A, nestled in the bustling heart of the greater Portland area, is an emblem of quality and service. Company B, the only dispensary in its town, holds a unique monopoly, ready to be expanded under Company A's reputable name.

Central to our strategy is a state-of-the-art cultivation facility in Gorham, Maine. This facility isn't just a farm; it's the future of cannabis, marrying cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices to produce unrivaled product quality.

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Green Healing: Maine's Future
Transforming lives through compassionate cannabis: Join us in our Maine venture, blending healing, innovation, and community growth. Unlock a unique investment in wellness and sustainability.
South Portland, ME