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Globally Taste of Food and Services
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~ S A M P L E ~

Tagura's Catering established innovative ways of services by providing high-quality gourmet food and excellent services. We ensure every event successful and unforgettable and prides our services to be the most-sought in the culinary world.

Our fully trained staff have recognized qualifications in health and hygiene‚ and we are well used to dealing with large‚ high profile events‚ where preparation and careful attention to detail really matter.

Dan Crosh

Over-all head of the production and order taking.

Cindy Smith
General Manager

Responsible in maintaning oderly and cleanliness throughout the shops vicinvty.


Dedication to serve our customers

Every events have given us valuable insights and ideas that inspire our continuous effort to provide better and improved services to wider set of clients. But what really matters to us is our relationship with our customers. 

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Globally Taste of Food and Services
Tagura’s Catering upholds the tradition of delivering quality foods and services that are customized to clients preferences.
San Francisco, CA