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Funding needed for HIFL business.

Lack of funding and poor organization has left the collegiate sports space moribund and inadequately equipped to take advantage of the commercial opportunities, including sport talents positioning and establishing revenue generating platforms

In order to buck the trend, we set up HiFL in 2018 and the brand is set to revolutionize sport business in Nigeria by commercially leveraging exclusive opportunities in the collegiate space with market size in excess of $10b.

Our business model is to consistently organize commercially sustainable and socially impactful sports platforms to deliver value to major stakeholders, while nurturing and promoting hidden talents through healthy sports rivalry and youth engagement initiative.

We will achieve this by tapping into the huge business opportunities in the sports business landscape by setting up four key profit centre-

1. Merchandise

2. E-Sports

3. Talent Management

4. Media/Content.

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Funding needed for HIFL business.
Our aim is to become “Africa's NCAA" To achieve this feat,we secured the exclusive rights to run collegiate sporting tournaments on a national scale in Nigeria and make HIFL the foremost commercially viable league in Africa.
Lagos Nigeria