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Edut- A social network with purpose
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Depression, PTSD, Suicide Attempt, Ulcerative Colitis, Addiction to pills, Loss of baseball career with Toronto Blue Jays. These are some of the struggles I have had to overcome in life by the grace of God. This is also why I came up with the idea Edut. Edut is the hebrew word for testimony and also means do it again with the same power and authority. Edut provides a social networking app for those who are overcoming, or have overcame, a struggle. We are unique because we have videos (with music, filters, templates, effects to enhance), pictures and threads that depict the users story of triumph. We also have support community groups with live video, messaging and threads. Users can chat with group or one on one, privately. The audience who will use this app is anyone who has a struggle, such as cancer, addiction, mental health, weight loss, autoimmune, etc., the list goes on. Edut users will also have the ability to connect with live professionals (Dr.'s, therapist, counselors and nutritionist) through video chat. Edut is created to inspire billions of people worldwide, educate users and provide support system.

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Edut- A social network with purpose
Edut was created to provide a way for user to share their story of overcoming a struggle. The struggles will be categorized (cancer, addiction, mental health, weight loss, etc.) Support groups will be created out of category.