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Cafe In The Park
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~ S A M P L E ~

ReErDy Cafe serves more than just good coffee. It also serves pizza and pasta. Its homemade pastries and cakes is to watch out for. Its cozy and quiet atmosphere makes it best for meetings or if you just want to have an alone time. The cafe also has few private rooms for small gatherings, birthdays, weddings or any other occassions.

More than a bread or a cookie, it is also great to pair coffee with a book. ReErDy Cafe also has a wide array of books with different genres. Everyone are free to read any of the books while inside the cafe's premises or they can donate their old books for others to experience.

Regina Garcia-Smith
Founder / Head Barista

Back in the Philippines, Regina used to work in their family business-- a coffee bean exportation. She had to move to Boston to enter college here. After graduating, she wants to do something new and came up with this business. Her passion and love for her country made her wants to do this more. She believes that this way, she can introduce her hometown through the coffee she can make and serve.

Eric Seo
Co-Founder / Chef

Born and raised in South Korea. Moved to Boston 4 years ago. Eric Seo a.k.a Seo Joon Hee is a Culinary Arts graduate in South Korea and worked in different well-known restaurants in Boston and back home. Now, he wants to take his cooking skills to the next level and to share it with everyone he can reach through this business.

Dylan Chen
Co-Founder / General Manager

Since his teenage years, Dylan have always been into businesses. From making small businesses when he was still in school to managing big companies when he started working in the corporate world after graduating Business major in China. After years of working for others, he decided to put up his own business together with his friends/business partners.

Coffee With A Cause

ReErDy Cafe is more than just good coffee and food.It is also about a good heart. A part of the quarterly revenue of the cafe will go to a charity that helps less-fortunate families. Making this business possible will not just help these three friends/business partners to achieve their dreams but mostly, it can give somone a new beginning.

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Cafe In The Park
ReErDy Cafe does not just serve coffee it has a wide variety of homemade pastries and cakes. It also serves pizza and pasta. Our venue suites your events whether its a seminars, birthdays, wedding or just a simple meeting.
Boston, MA