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Bridge capital needed to Hire

Healthworks, Pros, LLC is an integrated health provider organization initially formed in October 2021 to address the community-based behavioral health (PTSD, substance abuse, etc.) and primary care challenges faced by Veterans in New Jersey. In 2022, we recognized the broader need of integrated health services in New Jersey, due to the heighten reports of various mental health issues plaguing New Jersey residents (adults and youths) post-pandemic, to include depression, bipolar disorder, and suicidal ideations among all age groups in New Jersey. The COVID-19 pandemic consequentially led to the mental health epidemic across the country. In New Jersey, the need is so great, current providers have a 6- to 12-month waiting list for new clients. Learning of this new phenomenon, we adjusted our business plan to be more inclusive, to not only serve the Veteran population, but other marginalized communities throughout New Jersey.

Our mission is to provide accessible and comprehensive integrated healthcare services tailored to the unique needs of marginalized communities. Through compassionate care, cultural sensitivity, and collaboration, we strive to improve health outcomes, promote wellness, and reduce health disparities for all individuals, regardless of background or circumstance.

Healthworks Pros, LLC started rendering limited services in February 2024, and is currently positioned to accept new clients, including those with Medicaid/Medicare and with the major commercial insurance providers in New Jersey. We are pending an April approval from the VA to begin receiving Veterans referrals. Our current client roster includes 80% Medicare and 20% commercial insurance clients.

Eighty percent (80%) of our psychiatric services, as well as group and psychotherapy services are delivered through Telehealth channels, while our primary care services are delivered through three facilities located throughout New Jersey.

We currently have three contracts delivery various services including psychiatric, psychotherapy, primary care, and Medication-Assistance Treatment (MAT) services. Our recent contract is with the largest probation office in the State of New Jersey, with access to 10K clients in need of the four mentioned services. Currently, we can only manage 1% of these referrals per month, however, by securing bridge captial, we will be in a position to secure and manage up to 10% (1,000) monthly referrals.

Our current medical and clinical team is comprised of 16 licensed professionals to include Board Certified MDs, APNs, FMPs, RNs (Psychiatrict/ Primary Medical Care); and LCSWs, LSWs, LCADCs (Psychotherapy and Substance Counseling).

We are offering a 30% ROI. Full Prospectus available upon request.

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Bridge capital needed to Hire
HWP LLC is seeking bridge capital to convert our current per diem medical staff into full-time employees to manage the influx of referrals for mental health and prime care services from 3 large contracts to start in April and May. 30% ROI.
Fairfield, NJ