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Cat sanctuary/rescue seeks funding

Cat sanctuary/rescue s...

We seek funding to permanently relocate. Our donated mobile home must be moved off the land it's on very soon. We found the perfect place but need funding to buy/modify it. Once done, we'll never have to move again and can save more lives!

Farmington, Arkansas
Amount $200,000
Permanently Stop Hackers

Permanently Stop Hackers

Despite companies spending $150 billion per year on cybersecurity, nothing stopped hackers... until now. I spent $1 million on patents and prototypes. 6 patents approved. Prototypes work perfectly. Raising funds for commercial version.

Fort Lauderdale
Amount $750,000


GreenLeafy is the holding company for businessman Allan Greggs portfolio of companies, investments, and real estate. It is based in Chicago, Illinois and is also engaged in community empowerment and development.

Chicago, Illinois
Amount $100,000


US GREEN Energy Technologies provides a complete vertical integration in the commercial solar sector. This includes everything from lead generation, marketing, sales, consulting, engineering, installation, maintenance and system financing.

San Diego, CA
Amount $1,250,000
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