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GFZ1000 Make a Difference Today
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Germ Fighting Zone is a remediation company that specializes in sanitizing and disinfecting businnesses and homes. We have been in business since April 2020. Our goal since day one is to create a safe and effective way to disinfect, that is affordable to everyone. We have a pending patent for an atomizer that once programmed does the surface sanitizing for you. Our products are safe for humans and pets and certified to kill most bacteria, virus, molds, allergens, fungus and odor causing germs. This includes Covid-19 in 60 seconds.Have your employees do what they were hired to do. Leave the sanitizing to the GFZ1000.

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GFZ1000 Make a Difference Today
The GFZ1000, (Germ Fighting Zone) was designed to give small businesses and homeowners a less intrusive and less expensive way to keep their facilities disinfected and sanitized. Pending Patent
Waycross, GA