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Guidewheel Funded $8M to Empower Factories in Digitize World


Guidewheel is a manufacturing tech leader in San Francisco, CA. That cloud-powered FactoryOps, empowering all the world’s factories to digitize their operations and reach sustainable peak performance.

Guidewheel was funded an $8 million Series A funding round led by Greycroft was joined in the round by leading firms, angels funding, and Fortune 500 executives. This company aims to use the new capital to expedite growth, expand the factories to digitize their operations, and reach sustainable peak performance and business reach.

The funding brings Guidewheel closer to its

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Cutting Costs without Reducing Your Team Is Indeed Possible


One of the things that many businesses around the world are notorious for is layoffs of their workers when they have to cut costs. It appears as though the least required asset for these companies is their workers. As brutal as it may sound, many businesses reduce their team sizes to reduce their costs every day. It is quite surprising because there are in fact dozens of different ways for businesses, especially small ones, to cut their costs without sending their employees home. Not to

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Lightyear Funded $13.1M for New Telecom Procurement Features


Lightyear, a New York City startup that develops cloud-based software to produce IT services, telecom network infrastructure, and manages service contracts.

Lightyear was funded $13.1 million, led by Ridge Ventures with participation from Zigg Capital and a slew of individual angel investors. This company plans to use the investment to boost hiring and resources development and new product features platform.

The company started in mid- 2019 intending to fix the problems that had plagued enterprise telecom buyers for decades, but they vastly underestimated the scope of the

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10 Tips For Business Startup Owners


Every business owners can use some advice when it comes to making sure their business startup gets off on the right foot. From the best way to run your business to following your dreams, these tips offer sound recommendations that can help your business startup maintain its operations and find success at every turn.
Sure, your business may run into challenges, and you may make some mistakes along the way, but it is how you recover that matters. Use these tips to your advantage when it

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