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CloudNatix Funded $4.5M for the Infrastructure Operations Growth


CloudNatix a startup company based in Saratoga, CA. This company provides an infrastructure for businesses with multiple cloud and on-premise operations.

CloudNatix was funded $4.5 million Seed round financing. The new investment led by DNX Ventures, an investment firm that focuses on the United States and Japanese B2B startups. Support from a new investor Cota Capital and existing investors: Incubate Fund, Vela Partners, and 468 Capital.

The new funding will boost the company scale the engineering and sales organizations to satisfy the great demand for their product

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3 Smart Ways to Expand Your Customer Base in 21  Days


What is Customer base?
It’s important to understand that it is far more cost-efficient and easier way to retain a customer than to gain new customers as acquiring new customers can sometimes mean an entirely new marketing strategy to be developed and adopted by the whole business, which can add to the expense. Hence, a very dynamic approach must be used to maximize sales, i.e. keep old customers and make new customers.
More two-way communication instead of just one-way communication
Customer must be treated as an asset and

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Mosaic Funded $18.5M to be World’s First Strategic Finance Platform


Mosaic is based in San Diego, CA. This company builds a strategic finance platform constructed to ingest data from many systems in the alphabet sequence of enterprise IT — ERPs, HRISs, CRMs, etc.

Mosaic was funded $18.5 million of Series A financing. General Catalyst led the funding, with participation from Felicis Ventures, Village Global, and XYZ Ventures.

This new round of funding will help Mosaic speed up realizing the strategic finance vision by growing their world-class team across engineering, sales, marketing, customer success, and more.

They found Mosaic

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Small Business Should Invest in Big Data and Analytics


Big data refers to huge volumes of structured and unstructured information; however, processing such massive volumes of facts via traditional information management tools is inefficient and impossible. To understand big figures you have to realize the devices that are collecting it today e.g. bar code scanners, mobile cameras, CCTV cameras, motion sensors, smoke alarms, web analytical tools, CRMs, etc. From the examples, you can see that these devices collect a vast array of data types hence the structured and unstructured part in the definition. The

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