Things to Do When Raising Capital for Business Startups

Business startup owners often have a hard time securing investments from angel investors or venture capitalists. This reality, however, should not discourage entrepreneurs from seeking capital from potential investors.

The truth is, while it is difficult to secure financial support from these people, it’s not impossible to get the money that could boost the capacity of one’s business. Here are five things that could help business owners secure support from angel investors or venture capitalists:

Stop talking, start working

With the number of available tools out there, business owners are now capable of producing prototypes of their products even with a small budget. So instead of just presenting your thoughts using a PowerPoint presentation, you must allot some time and money producing an early version of your product.

These days, angel investors and venture capitalists prefer business owners who “show” their ideas rather than talk about it in front of the potential investors.

Expand your network

Securing referrals from established entrepreneurs can boost your chances of getting the attention of potential investors. With the number of startups seeking for financial assistance in the market, many investors are not paying attention to requests which are not referred by people whom they are acquainted with. Because of this, any entrepreneur who wants to secure capital for his or her startup should expand his network and get referrals from the right people.

Learn the market

Before approaching a potential investor, a business startup owner must first understand the market that he or she intends to work with. Understanding the business landscape, including your competition, will give you insights on how would you present your business to angel investors or venture capitalists.

Choose a long-time investor

A lot of entrepreneurs prefer having a lot of people investing on his or her startup. And while this is usually a good indicator of the status of the business, owners must also understand that many of these investors might choose leave the company after a few months of partnership. This could be disastrous, especially if no one from your pool of investors would stick around with you. In searching for capital, therefore, business owners must look into the possibility of getting investors who are really interested in sticking with the business for a long time.

Understand your investors

Finally, the business owner must try to understand the desires of his potential investor to boost his chances of securing investments. Some angels or VCs might want short sales cycles or a payout after a few years of partnership.



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