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Avoiding Scams

You must understand that sometimes scam artists that pose as legitimate investors often try and prey on entrepreneurs that are seeking funds. While Funded.com does all we can to prevent those from entering our site, there are warning signs you should watch out and guard against so you are better prepared.

No Up Front Money or Fees

This is the number one no-no. This will cover almost every potential scam. Even though there are legitimate investors that ask for funds upfront, most investors will not require it and we make a rule on our site that no investors or funding provider are allowed to request any money or fees. A good practice is to communicate that in the beginning of your engagement.

Do Not Wire Funds

If, for any reason, anyone asks you for any kind of payment by phrasing an upfront fee in any other term such as appraisal, travel or due diligence costs, should be avoided and reported. Bottom line; in order to safe guard yourself is to never wire funds.

Due Diligence

Always check out the investor or funding provider out regardless of their profile information or online presence. You can use companies like verifyinvestor.com to inexpensively check their credentials and also this will also guard against any unaccredited investors. A face to face meeting is always preferred.

If you experience anyone asking for upfront fees or wire requests please report it by visiting contact us and sending us a message.