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Reporting a Problem:

Technical Issues:
Sometimes something might not work quite exactly the way we want it or intended it to work, or think of something you don’t like or suggestions. We welcome an email us here and we will get back to you or explore the issue. Yoursitehasissues@funded.com We ask you limit only to technical issues or suggestions.

Investor Issues: (for members)
Investors charging an upfront fee for anything are prohibited on our site and should be reported to compliance@funded.com. We try to prohibit by prescreening new investors by our questionnaire and compliance agreement in the registration process with a no upfront fee commitment but some may still find a way in and request that of you. So don’t wire funds. There are some investors that legitimately service a client to raise capital with a fee but there are too many that don’t, so we prohibit it across the board. Also remember fraud avoidance starts with you.

Member Issues: (for investors, and members too)
If you are an investor or another member that is being harassed or see something on our site that is not appropriate, let us know and email compliance@funded.com