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Funded.com has been the go-to site of entrepreneurs who want to establish their names and build their dreams by finding the right investors for their start-ups and existing businesses. The website has become a leading platform that connects start-up or existing businesses to our over 6,000 featured funding providers. Such as: Investors, Angel Investors, Business Funding, Private equity, Venture Capital and Private Individual Investors.

Since 2007, Funded.com has expanded its still-growing list of investors who are initially pre-screened. Our list, as people say, is nothing but a goldmine for entrepreneurs who need financial backing for their business.

Funded.com has received numerous recognitions for its dedication to support start-ups and existing business. Among these include the Small Business Commerce Association (SBCA) Best of Business for 3 consecutive years, as well as the “Rated A” accreditation awarded by the Better Business Bureau for 5 years.
These awards and recognitions play a big role in the company’s efforts to further improve our services in order to provide even better assistance to would-be entrepreneurs and business owners alike. The people behind Funded.com have experience to provide every budding entrepreneur or existing business with a step-by-step guide to becoming a successful business owner featuring one-on-one assistance with questions and business plan help.

Aside from the growing list of reliable investors and funding providers, the website also has a live support chat feature for those who need personal guidance, a customer support group that can provide answers to elusive questions, and professional business plan writers who can produce outputs in no time.
It is common for business owners to ask whether or not they can become successful entrepreneurs in the future. But with the help Funded.com, the question transforms into: “When will you become a successful business owner?”

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